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by Lindsay on July 28, 2010

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In “Dave Barry Turns 50,” Dave shared 25 ‘tips’ with his readers – bits of wisdom he’d gained in his 50 years of life. #21 was:

“A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter, or to others, is not a nice person”

Have you ever been out with someone (a friend, family member, date) and been horribly embarrassed by the way they treated the waitress? Or the clerk at the retail store? I was dating someone a few years ago who was as sweet as sugar to me (at first, anyway). When I saw her slam the door in the face of the delivery  man who delivered our food an hour late – in the biggest snowstorm of the year – red flags went up, alarm bells rang. It wasn’t that man’s fault and even if it was, he didn’t deserve that treatment. I should’ve listened to my intuition and ran for the hills in that moment. I didn’t. I stuck around and ended up in a very volatile relationship/situation with this person that took a long time to fully recover from.

Bill Swanson put it best when he said:

“Watch out for people who have a situational value system, who can turn the charm on and off depending on the status of the person they are interacting with…Be especially wary of those who are rude to people perceived to be in subordinate roles.”

At work, I am in one of the so-called ‘subordinate roles’. I judge a co-workers character by  how they treat me and others in a similar position to mine. We know who the ‘good ones’ are just by how they treat those of us who are not in positions of authority. No one deserves poor treatment. Not the janitor, not the receptionist and not the delivery man. Every human being deserves kindness. It’s so much easier to be kind and the truth is that like attracts like – the better you treat others, the better they will treat you. Remember the “Golden Rule” we all learned back in elementary school:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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Patti July 29, 2010 at 11:14 am

You're so sweet, Linds! This is SO true!

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