The Jeep Nanny

by Lindsay on July 26, 2010

in Kindness

The other day, I was walking with my partner and we passed a car with the window rolled down, no owner in sight. I walked by, not caring at all, but she was concerned. She wanted to roll the window up or find the owner of the car and tell them they left their window open. I was more selfish – just kept walking and told her to forget it.

I went home that night and saw this note on the Internet. It was kind of a gentle reminder to me to be more willing to help out a stranger. And yes, there ARE good people in this world.

Have a story to share of how a stranger helped you out? Share it here!

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Patti July 26, 2010 at 6:19 am

It DOES feel good to do acts of kindness…even when nobody is looking. 🙂

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