Competition for the soul

by Lindsay on August 14, 2010

in Relationships

Anyone who knows me knows I’m fiercely competitive. Whether it’s a race, Scrabble game or just a competition to see who can finish eating dinner the fastest – I want to win. I’ve never understood the type of person who is okay to lose or worse – come in second. However, I know it takes all kinds and I appreciate that sort of person when I’m in it to win it!

When I first heard of City Chase I knew it was my calling to compete. I’ve yearned for years to be on the Amazing Race, but my most competitive friends are Canadian and thus, that eliminates the chances of me competing with anyone I’d have a shot of winning with. City Chase is just like the Amazing Race, just on a smaller scale. Okay, a much smaller scale. Part scavenger hunt, part race, it’s a whole load of fun and ‘friendly’ competition with some super fit people (and some not so fit people).  In June, my best friend and I participated in Toronto’s City Chase #1 (our fine city hosts two each year) and we came in 19th place out of 750 teams! We were the second all-female team to cross the finish line, completing the chase in just slightly over 3 hours.  Doing so well confirmed two things in our minds: we were born to do this and we’re a damn good team.

Why post this on The Daily Awe? What does this have to do with you, dear readers?

Well, I’m posting because competing in a physical and mental challenge makes my soul happy. And I’ve gotta tell you – this soul of mine has been struggling and working through a lot of ‘gunk’ in the past little while. So I’m looking forward to this opportunity to just let it all go – even for just a few hours – and be in the moment. In the moment of competition, in the moment of joy. In the moment of love with my best friend, who is a true soul mate in this lifetime and who makes even the darkest days bright.  So, I’d like to know what makes your soul happy. And I’d like to remind you to make sure you spend time doing it, at least once a week. It may be just listening to music, meditating or getting outdoors to read a book. Maybe its dancing in your livingroom in your underwear. Whatever it is…do what puts you in the moment and leave all of your worries behind. Just for a moment.

Today we compete again. This time, our goal is to be the first all-female team to finish.  Wish us luck. We need it!

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