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by Lindsay on August 22, 2010

in Inspiration, Kindness, Relationships, Spirituality

My attention span, thanks in part to the Internet, is about that of a gnat these days. I can’t seem to focus to watch a 15 minute-long video and if I intend to watch it all, I often lose interest around minute 5. Reading long articles? Forget it! I prefer bullet points and bold lettering in order to keep my attention.  That’s why I really fell in love with One Minute Shifts when I was introduced to them. One Minute Shift delivers little gems of information from some of the world’s greatest scientists and spiritual leaders — little one-minute nuggets to expand your mind and awareness. Today, I share two of my favorites with you.

The power of our thoughts is undeniably strong. Our thoughts absolutely do create our reality. In this One Minute Shift, Rollin McCraty, talks about just that.  Not only do our thoughts and feelings affect our own realities, but they affect those around as well.

What is this coherence he speaks of?

It (coherence) is the harmonious flow of information, cooperation, and order among the subsystems of a larger system.

So in other words, our thoughts not only affect our own realities and bodies, but those around us as well. Scientific proof that we are all connected. This further inspires me to make more of an effort to ensure that what I put out to the universe is love, warmth and positivity. Not just for my benefit but for the lives of everyone who encounters me.

In Deepak Chopra’s One Minute Shift he talks about the wonder of human beings and how we’re made. He lightly touches on the fact that the consciousness – the higher power – is within us all.

Again, we’re all connected. This video fascinates me mostly because the way in which a human being is made and the incredibly intelligence of our bodies is mind-blowing.

Have a favorite one-minute shift? Share it here!

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