What is Karma?

by Lindsay on August 31, 2010

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Some of us live our lives based on Karma, fully believing that in doing good deeds the same will return to us. Others among us only know of Karma when asserting that “Karma’s a bitch” which is just another way of saying “What goes around comes around.”

So what is Karma?

The word ‘karma’ is a Sanksrit word that means ‘action’ or ‘deed’.  There’s good karma and there’s bad karma. It is essentially the process of cause and effect. When you believe in Karma, you believe that what you put out to the world and to others will come back to you.

Before we are born into this life, we decided what lessons we will learn in this lifetime. Sometimes, our spirit guides/God/the Universe will create conditions and events in our lives that will help us learn what we intended to in this lifetime. When something bad happens to us, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re a bad person in this life or we “deserve” it. It just may mean this is a lesson we need to help our soul grow.

So much of Karma is about intention. If I accidentally push someone on the subway, that doesn’t mean I’ve got bad Karma. However, if I planned to push someone on the subway and did it to be intentionally aggressive, then it is likely that person will either push someone else back or something form of mistreatment will come to me. Karma doesn’t just effect you as an individual – it affects humanity as a whole.

Karma effects comes from the past to effect our present and future.

Past: We carry Karma inside of us, as part of our souls, though not everything that happens to us is Karma in action. Simply put, Karma represents unfinished business and other residual issues from the past.

Present/Future: We create future karma and our present state continually with every thought and action we take/have. If you are a negative thinker, a worrier, or someone who does bad deeds, you are creating a present and future state of worry, negativity and continual bad deeds. If we think positively, live a life doing good for others and believe we deserve abundance, more of this will come to us.

Acknowledge your karma.

Are there any themes that seem to recur throughout your life? Recurrent themes suggest Karma is at work. For example if:

  • You find yourself having the same relationship issues, just with different men/women
  • You have several jobs but in all of them you have a tyrannical boss
  • You continually meet friends who betray you

What’s the common denominator here? You, of course! Recurrent themes are telling you they are providing conditions for some necessary life experience. You need to wake up and smell the roses. Once you do, you can make the changes you need to in order to deal with this Karma and pave the way for brighter days.

Karma is created all of the time, in every moment.

Even as you read this article. Every act you make, every thought you have – everything is a karmic act. Karma usually works immediately by giving to you what you have given to others. If you are friendly and generous with others, you can expect the same in return. If you’re a miserable louse who complains and brings others down (either consciously or subconsciously), expect to attract more of the same.

If you are having difficulty with how to determine what your Karma is, don’t be afraid to pray/meditate and ask for guidance. Ask and you will get the guidance/nudge you need. Once you begin to understand Karma, you will learn to go with the flow and swim with the tide rather than resist.

You will see that if it’s hard for you to make friends, maybe being friendly is just the way to go to actually make them!

If you cannot seem to hold on to money, you could be dealing with family karma or even karma from past lives. It is for you to change now. You can learn how to use karma to improve your relationships and career — to create abundance in your life, heal yourself from past hurts and live a happier life.

I like to live by the motto we all learned in elementary school “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Try it today and see what happens!

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edgeofthevillage August 31, 2010 at 9:29 am

On the great wheel, it seems the karma of the United States is coming around. It’s time for our lessons from all the wars we’ve been a part of, but mostly the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Lindsay August 31, 2010 at 9:39 am

You know, I hadn’t really thought of that, but you’re right. Even countries can (and do) have Karma and it would seem that the United States is certainly dealing with their fair share of bad karma now. History tells us that the greatest countries eventually fall – especially when overcome with greed and power. It would seem that is the case for the USA.

maya September 3, 2012 at 7:52 pm

I was reading this article and saw the line that said ‘Even as you read this article. Every act you make, every thought you have- everything is a karmic act.’ I was sitting there munching on chips when I read that. I stared at the chip in wonder…

Lindsay September 3, 2012 at 9:35 pm

LOL! Hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle. 🙂

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