Follow your bliss

by Lindsay on September 3, 2010

in Attitude, Personal Growth

“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

~ Joseph Campbell

People all over the world get up and go to work or school each day, doing the same thing day in and day out and really only functioning to get through the day – not truly enjoying what they are doing. Some may retire with still only a vague idea of what they really want to do. You are not alone if you are still searching for something better – what your soul is meant to do – something better out of life. If this is you, it’s time to follow your bliss.

But how do I find my bliss?

Think back to your childhood – what did you want to be? I wanted to be a nurse and a teacher. And although I am neither of those things now, I am an energy healer and (hopefully) will one day be teaching others what I know about this and how to heal themselves.  To me, that is both a nurse and a teacher rolled into one.

What do you daydream about? Turn your daydreams into action. Okay, if you only daydream of winning the lottery I don’t suggest you idly throw your money into that until you win. We all have daydreams of the perfect job, perfect life, making loads of money doing what we love. All too often they just remain daydreams. Now is the time to take action. Daydreaming is great but it’s futile if you aren’t taking the steps to turn your dreams into reality.

Start exploring what you love. If you don’t know off the top of your head what your bliss is or what would truly make you happy, start exploring! Make a list of your talents. Ask people around you what 3 of your strengths are. In those you will find some guidance on the path to your bliss.

Realize your life will change. When you follow your bliss, the status quo of a hum-drum life is no longer acceptable. If you’re in school, you may decide to change your course of study in order to pursue the avenue that will truly bring you happiness. If you’re working, you will find that you aren’t satisfied with your job. You will have an itch that needs to be scratched until you are following your bliss. You may find yourself going back to school, moving across the country or becoming your own boss. You may also be met with some resistance (including from yourself) such as…

But I’m too old. No, you are not. You’re never too old because regardless of your age, you have your whole life ahead of you! It is never too late.

I don’t have the money and/or I can’t make a living doing what I love. If you follow your bliss, the Universe will provide for you. Every day people are paid to do what they love and excel at. Some people make thousands a day just by blogging! Wouldn’t it be better to find out what your bliss is and follow it rather than to say ‘Coulda, woulda, shoulda” in the final days of your life?

How do I know I’ve found my bliss?

  • You feel alive when you’re doing it
  • You feel as if a lightbulb has turned on in your mind & body
  • You feel “in the zone” and lose all track of time
  • the world becomes a place where synchronicities start to come to you and make sense
  • You seem to have a ‘guide’ gently taking you to places you need to go and introducing you to the people you need to meet
  • You wake up every morning with excitement, looking forward to what the day has in store

Joseph Campbell is the father of the Follow Your Bliss movement and you can learn more about him, his life and the foundation here: Joseph Campbell Foundation

Follow your bliss!

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John Duffield September 3, 2010 at 11:54 am

Hi Lindsay from somewhere in the wilds of Canada! I have to applaud you for promoting "all things Campbell". Especially "the Bliss". If I may, I'd like to comment on the 2 parts of your essay. I believe part two (how do you know if you've found your Bliss) is dead on. Readers can test themselves with those for sure. But part one (how do I find my Bliss) is a lot more interesting. Anyone lucky enough to be following their Bliss would agree that your "6 steps" above are deeply relevant and good advice. Even so, they very, very, VERY rarely help anyone find their Bliss. Hmmmm. Wait a sec here. That sounds a bit suspicious. How can your 6 steps be good advice……but hardly EVER perform as advertised? Good question. Although I can't really give the whole story in a little comment, I CAN give the flavor of it. Here we go. Imagine you gave talk on the radio that tells listeners "6 places you can find treasure". And…. make no mistake…. treasure is in all those 6 places too. Okay, but unknown to you, everyone in your audience is blind. They go to those places, but return without treasure….because they can't see it. Nothing wrong with your treasure seeking advice. The problem lies with the blindness. A really crazy story you say? Of course it is. But truth be told, the "find Bliss" story is just as crazy. Thankfully though, in the real world of real Bliss, the "Blindness" that stops so many from finding it can be cured. Then those six steps you mention will work. Ciao Lindsay. John Duffield

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