Silence is bliss

by Lindsay on September 16, 2010

in Personal Growth

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

We’re constantly surrounded by noise. From the beeping alarm that wrenches us out of our slumber and cozy bed, to the noise of traffic, phones ringing, people talking, music playing or even the TV in the background.

There’s even visual noise. Ads on billboards, at the bus stop, on the Internet, in the news and even in the sky in the form of flying advertisements (yep, that’s a flying tea bottle).

Our multi-tasking minds and our egos don’t give us much of an opportunity for silence. Our own thoughts are perhaps the noisiest things we encounter all day.

As an introvert and an empath, I can admit that I need silence more than your average person. Empaths especially need silence in order to recoup from the fact that we’re out there picking up on everybody else’s feelings, pain and (sometimes) thoughts all day long. Whether you’re an empath and an introvert or a gregaerious extrovert who loves to be around people and noise, you need to give yourself permission to sit down in the silence and be still for a few minutes each day.

Noise is as much a part of our daily lives as is breathing. So as much as our lives are filled with the chaotic hustle and bustle and constant sensory overload that we crave, want and NEED silence. We need it to unwind. We need it to reflect on what happened so we can learn. We need it to recharge and relax. We need it to know ourselves. But we don’t always get it.

Today (and every day), take a few moments to push the noise aside and welcome silence into your life. You’ll be opening the door for peace. You’ll begin to notice the benefits it brings to your life, even if you can only manage to get 5 minutes of silence in a day.

5 tips for welcoming silence

  • Start your day in silence. Get up earlier than everyone else in the house – even 10 minutes earlier. Allow yourself to lie in bed for a few moments after the alarm goes off instead of shooting up out of bed immediately and rushing around to get ready. Your body will thank you for this and you’ll be able to get a good stretch and say ‘hi’ to the Universe and face your day in a positive way.
  • Be still and silent in the morning. No, I don’t mean don’t move. I mean, if you usually listen to your iPod, leave it off for one morning commute. Keep the radio off in the car. Don’t watch or listen to the morning news. Just enjoy the few extra moments of silence at the beginning of your day to give your mind a chance to wander before it’s all-consumed by the day’s tasks.
  • Eat lunch outside (weather permitting). Don’t eat it at your desk. Go sit under a tree in the park. If the weather is bad, find a quiet nook in your building and
  • Clear the clutter. If your house has several “junk drawers” or your desk has piles of papers on it from 3 years ago, start clearing it out. The more you clear your physical clutter, the easier it will be to clear your mental ‘clutter’ as well. You can’t fully enjoy silence in a cluttered space.
  • Acknowledge your need for silence. The more you acknowledge that you need a few moments each day to regroup and recoup, the more you’ll start creating time to give it to yourself. And then you’ll begin to feel the very real benefits of silence, no matter how many minutes of it you get a day.

I know a couple of people in my life who are afraid of silence. Are you? Or do you relish in it? Post your thoughts on silence here.

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Patti September 16, 2010 at 2:49 pm

I love my VERY early mornings during the work week when I'm the only one up in the house. I have always needed that time to just sit and stare…even if it's only for 5 minutes. 🙂
I like to ride home from work with NO radio. On the way to work, I like to listen to music to wake me up.

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