How to get in touch with your inner guide

by Lindsay on October 5, 2010

in Personal Growth

It is human nature: we are on a consistent search for answers. Answers about life, love, our careers, our life purpose, what to wear on the hot date we have on Friday night. Our minds are abuzz with questions and we’re on a constant quest for answers.

When we are children, we look to our parents, teachers and other grown-ups to answer our questions and tell us how to move forward. As adults, we ask our friends, co-workers, partners and Google, “What should I do about such and such?” Some of us ask our spiritual teachers and religious leaders. We may turn to prayer, meditation and logic.

We are always searching outside of us. But here’s the truth: you only have to listen to your inner guide to know what the answer is and how to progress.

Think of an issue in your life right now that you would like to solve. Could be about love, your career. Perhaps it is something you are frustrated with or just confused about which path to take. It is likely that you vacillate between your head and your heart – warring between the two – which do you follow? Stop doing that now and ask your soul.

Each and every one of us has a power within us that is far better than any outside source. It gives us strength, comfort, peace and knowledge. All of us use this power to some degree in our lives, yet many of us never realize its full potential. By going inside of yourself and listening, you can gain awareness of your inner guide.

What is the inner guide?

I’m not referring to your spirit guide, a loved one who has passed away or the voice of God/the Universe.  It is your soul – your inner higher self – that I am referring to.

Give up your busy, intellectual, ego part of your brain for a few moments and open yourself up to the possibilities to access strength and wisdom within yourself.

Open your mind to the part of your being that is your inner calm. To reach our TRUE inner voices, we need to give up our attempts to solve problems with our conscious, intellectual, busy minds. We must be open to all possibilities and access the strength and wisdom deep within us.

You may be asking, How do I access my inner guide?

Buried within the subconscious, in the farthest corner of our memory, lies the knowledge of everything we need to know about living. Now bring it to the forefront of your mind. How?

  • Sit in a relaxed, comfortable position.
  • Take a few deep breaths, focusing on your breathing
  • Acknowledge the thoughts that are flying through your brain, but don’t focus on them – let them go as quickly as they come
  • Once you feel relaxed, ask your question aloud or write it down on a piece of paper
  • Without thinking too hard – what answer immediately comes to mind? Write it down.

By writing your answer(s) down, it gives you the chance to go back and read everything a while later. History will demonstrate that the answers your higher self gives you are that for your highest good and it will prove to you that your inner wisdom is some of the best wisdom you will come across.

The next time you have a pressing question, sit down and practice getting in touch with your higher self in order to get the answer. Start small in order to gain confidence in what you are doing. We ALL have this inner wisdom and we all have the ability to get in touch with us. Not just a select few of us were given this gift – we all were.

Any tips for others on how to get in touch with your inner guide? Share them here!

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