Monday motivation: co-create your reality

by Lindsay on October 11, 2010

in Spirituality

The people who read this blog are, on the whole, on a spiritual journey. So most of us already know that the Law of Attraction talks about creating reality through our thoughts, actions and reactions.  In short: our reality is just how we perceive something. Two people can experience the same thing and have two completely different ideas (realities) of that experience.

But what does this mean? How does this really work?

Co-creating reality is done through our perception of the events that happen to us. That is where we have power.

For example, if I get fired from my job (or laid off) and so does my co-worker, – the reality is that we got laid off. That’s the reality. My co-creative act in that reality is how I choose to perceive this event.

Would having a positive attitude about this change the fact that I have been laid off? No. It doesn’t make one lick of a difference if I put on my dream board, “I have a job. All is well.” NO.  The fact is that I got fired (not really, remember this is just an example, not something that recently happened to me!).My job spiritually is to say, “Okay, I just lost my job. Now, how am I going to perceive this event?”

You could perceive it as an opportunity to really go for the job you want. You could perceive it as your time to shine and start your own business like you’ve been wanting to. You could use it to pursue something that you’ve always wanted to but didn’t have time for before given the confines of your previous job.  Or, you could perceive as a “oh my god what am I going to do now I’m going to be homeless, I have the worst luck ever, WOE IS ME!” moment.

Here’s another example…

This past Friday afternoon I was as happy as a clam, leaving work a little early go to home and start the long weekend. When I left work, I discovered that someone had locked my bike into his (inadvertently). Meaning, I couldn’t just hop on my bike and go home.

I could’ve chosen to get upset and think “why me?!” (Honestly, I did have that thought for a split second). I could’ve whined and moaned and made the fact that my bike was locked up and I couldn’t go home with it a miserable reality.

Instead, I chose to view it as an opportunity to walk home in the beautiful weather. And eat a pumpkin spice donut on the way(which probably helped me feel more positive about it). How I chose to perceive the fact that my bike was locked up created a happy reality for me instead of a miserable “my weekend is ruined” one.

What do you mean co-creating? Aren’t I creating my own reality?

Well, yes you are. But there are greater forces here in action, too.  One is moving the earth around the sun. One is moving the moon around the earth. We don’t control seasons. We don’t control the moon.  It’s a co-creating process. There is always a Divine element in motion

Which area of your life is co-creating your reality right now?  The past? The present? Or are you living for the future?

This isn’t just to ask yourself right now as you read this article. This is something you should think about every day. That is what Buddhist mindfulness is about. What eyes am I seeing the world with? Through the eyes of a 7 year old who lost her father and feels lost? Or through the eyes of a 30-year-old woman who knows she can take care of herself no matter what happens?

We all have the power to co-create our realities. Bad stuff does happen to us sometimes. Good stuff happens to us sometimes. Those are facts. But how we choose to PERCEIVE those is our reality. Choose to make your reality a positive one.

Since it’s Monday, choose to start the week off fresh and co-create a reality in which you want to live and feel happy, joyous and whole. The choice is yours.

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