Astrology & your personal birth chart

Astrology and spirituality

by Lindsay on November 9, 2010

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Astrology is the belief that the position of the planets when we are born determines and influences part of our personality and destiny.


Human beings have long considered there to be a connection between the planets and stars and events that take place here on earth. It was long ago observed that the moon affected the tides and correlated with women’s menstrual cycles (they don’t call it your moon time for nothin’).

The early Babylonians practiced a form of Astrology as far back as 3,000 BC. Chinese Astrology is also thought to date back to the third millennium BC. For much of our history, Astronomy (the study of stars and planets) and Astrology (the study of the stars and planets in divination) have been synonymous.

The way the planets lined up

For many people, their knowledge of Astrology goes as far as reading their daily horoscope in the morning paper and the generalized descriptions of the twelve different sun signs.  The truth is that the Sun signs most people are familiar with are just one small component of the Astrological whole. A birth chart – a map of the ways the planets lined up at the time of our birth – lays out in detail the factors that, in part, determine our personal destiny and personality.

A birth chart produces many fragments of information (the planets in signs, planets in houses, the ascendant, etc…) and maps them out. It is in the interpretation of one’s birth chart that the science of Astrology becomes an art. An astrologer can synthesize the meanings into a complete picture of the person whose chart it is they are looking at.

Astrology and spirituality

Carl Jung’s notion of synchronicity describes the inexplicable relationships between apparently unrelated events that occur more frequently than chance. It hints at there being a system of hidden connections operating at a level of organization somehow beyond the physical realm. Astrology is similar to this line of thinking (in fact Jung was heavily interested in Astrology).

Astrology falls into the realm of synchronicity. Bodies too distant to exert any significant physical influence upon earthly events can correlate uncannily with events here on Earth.

I don’t believe it’s any mistake that so much of who we are can be explained in our individual birth charts. Don’t discard the significance of the way the planets were lined up when you were born and pass it off as mere superstition.

Interested in an intuitive look at your own birth chart? Email me or check out my Astrology readings page: Astrology readings . And as with anything – read your birth chart and soak it all in but don’t think of it as the “be all and end all”. It doesn’t tell you how to live your life. Let your intuition be your guide.

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Astral Projection February 18, 2011 at 2:51 pm

I’m glad you brought up Carl Jung. He was such an important figure to many of the ideas about consciousness and the new agers

Lindsay February 18, 2011 at 3:17 pm

Carl Jung's work fascinates me and I plan to write more about his findings in the future.

quest bars February 8, 2016 at 1:26 pm

I’d like to find out more? I’d want to find out more details.

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