Relationships as spiritual mirrors

Relationships as spiritual mirrors

by Lindsay on November 18, 2010

in Personal Growth, Relationships, Spirituality

We all look in the mirror every day. Some of us more than others. We check ourselves out to make sure we look good. Some days we beat ourselves up about our hair, the new wrinkle we found on our forehead or our ever-growing love handles. Other days we find the beauty in the lines on our face, the twinkle in our eye and the way our hips look just right in those jeans. There are more than just glass mirrors in our lives, though. Ways in which we can see our own reflection and assess who and what we are.

All of life – every person you meet, every situation you encounter – offers you a mirror to see your own reflection on a soul level. The reflection of your emotional life, what your soul yearns for, your deepest beliefs and patterns of being, your conscious and unconscious thoughts – all of these reflect back to you through the people who come into your life and the experiences you have.

Sometimes it is in the most challenging relationships and experiences that we grow the most. When you meet someone who challenges you emotionally through their behavior and words — someone whose actions cause you to reflect on your feelings of anger, sadness, discouragement or rejection – you are being given an opportunity to look into the mirror of your soul. A part of you is present in the person you are dealing with. In some cases, the person you have attracted to you is here to show you the feelings about yourself and your life that you still need to understand or release in order to live more abundantly. You can only see what is already there within your own self, present on some level, conscious or not.

When someone upsets you because she isn’t being kind to you, take a moment to ask yourself what part of you has been unkind to someone. If a friend annoys you with trivial habits, where is the judge in you that trivializes your own life? Do you stay open to the possibility that the casual stranger who smiled at you on the street and makes your morning more blessed is also the part of you that can bring that same gift of unsolicited joy to another?

If we live in the spiritual belief that we are all one and we are all connected then there is no doubt that each of us reflects something in another. The Universe acts as a big mirror of our inner reality by bringing it into our external world.

Your soul is constantly providing you with opportunities to see yourself through the situations that you encounter or the drama in your life. When we live without awareness, we see these situations as just situations that happen to us – haphazard, perhaps coincidental moments that occur randomly in our lives. That is when we blame others, become angry at the world, or try to reason through what went wrong or why something happened to us. You’ve got to sit back and realize that you’ve drawn these people and situations to yourself for your own higher good, your understanding and the evolution of your consciousness.

When you are aware of this perspective, you can begin to live in conscious choice – truly sitting down to take note of the reflection your life is bringing you. Sit down and consider what is being presented to you through your relationships and interactions with others.

Ask yourself: Do you choose the path of looking outside of yourself or do you choose to look within for the reflection your mirror presents you?

The next time you look into life’s mirror, ask yourself what it is you truly see? Where in your own life, behavior and heart is that you need to own, claim and release? Once you begin accepting your inner responsibility for the external happenings in your life, you can begin to be grateful for the abundance of life that spiritual mirrors offer you and grow on a soul level.

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Sandra November 18, 2010 at 3:48 pm

hmm. interesting perspective here. I find it difficult though to relate everything to karma and that everyone we meet, good or bad, becomes a reflection of ourselves. Isn't it possible, that at times, these encounters are just happenstance and maybe those two souls have nothing to do with each other?

Lindsay November 18, 2010 at 3:51 pm

I do believe that some encounters can be just happenstance. I don't think every friend you have is someone you've known in a past life, but I do believe every friend you have can teach you something — even if it's small.

I'm not relating this to karma but rather…like attracts like and we attract the people we need to in order to learn certain lessons.

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