self-esteem and spirituality

Self-esteem and spirituality

by Lindsay on November 3, 2010

in Attitude, Personal Growth, Spirituality

Self-esteem is our internal feelings and evaluation of ourselves: it’s how we feel about and view ourselves. So why is this important in regards to spirituality? Because how you feel about yourself affects every aspect of your life including at work, in relationships, and day-to-day interactions and effects you deeply on a soul level.

We begin our journey of consciousness developing an ego and our ‘template’ of self-esteem when we are young. In fact, we begin it before we’re born. We already know the energy field we’re being born into while we’re still in the womb. From a cellular level, this is wired into our brains.

Then we’re born. Some of us were born into a family where our parents were overwhelmed. Others were welcomed into waiting, open arms. Even before we are verbal, we want to please our parents. Esteem is primitive and developed very early on. Like it or not, your soul chose this as an archetype.

Most of the readers of this blog are pretty wired in a way that you’re sensitive to the environment. You absorb the energy of your family, friends and everyone around you. Because of this sensitivity and the lack of skills and conscious awareness when we’re pre-verbal, being able to differentiate yourself from your parents is difficult and our esteem is built from that. If your Mom is depressed, you pick up on it. If your Dad never really wanted you to be born, you pick up on that. Some of us become rescuers, fixers, adult children of alcoholics, some become addicts.

What role did you play in your family? What role do you play now? What esteem did you/do you get from it? Connect the dots for yourself because this becomes the first way you are conditioned to get esteem in life. It weaves its way into who you are.

The kinds of people you attract into your life isn’t any mistake. For example: Is it any wonder why you’ve attracted narcissists because you were so busy always giving out energy to everybody to get a sense of worth?  You attract people who want to take energy from you because it’s all you know. It’s how you get esteem.

Take a look at the friendships and relationships you have. How people show up for you or don’t. You want know where your worth is? It’s already here. Just look at your relationships. You don’t have to fish back through every wound you’ve ever been through. Look at where you are right now. Awareness doesn’t change your esteem template. Time, effort and being awake to when you are slipping back into an old belief and replicating that into your choices today does.

You need to start sending a message to yourself that says “I don’t care what happened to me then. I’m going to take care of myself now, work through my wounds and take on a better esteem template.” Take in a new power. Become mindful when you have abandoned yourself.

Buddha said, “Stay in the moment. It’s all there”.

We all look to the environment to get a sense of self worth. I do. But I don’t do it as much on a good day, anymore. My self worth comes from me. I’ve got to continually go into the interior for a sense of my worth and who I am. Buddha says we already have infinite worth. Wake up to it.

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