A Dog's Purpose: Pets & Reincarnation

A Dog’s Purpose: Pets & Reincarnation

by Lindsay on July 28, 2011

in Animals, Souls

Me & Chester

If you have ever had a pet or loved an animal, you understand the unconditional love they bring to our lives. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably also wondered what your beloved cat/dog/lizard is thinking from time to time. Sometimes I watch my sweet dog Chester as he gnaws on his rawhide bone and I think there must not be all that much going on upstairs.

When I picked up a copy of “A Dog’s Purpose” by W. Bruce Cameron, I had no idea what the book was about. I just thought the cover was cute. As I began reading, I realized the book was telling the story of a dog who finds himself reincarnated into several lives – each as a different breed of dog who lives a very different life from the previous one. In each life this dog lives, he ponders the reason he was born – the purpose he was to fulfill. He realizes that until he fulfills this purpose, he will continue to reincarnate.

When my ex-partner and I went to visit the breeder we got our dog Chester from, he and his brothers were 4 weeks old. We delighted over the puppies who crawled all over us, giving us puppy kisses and whimpering for our affection. Most of the pups in the litter favored one of us over the other – but not Chester. The littlest one with the dot on his head spent his time going back and forth between the two of us equally. It’s as if he knew long before we humans did that he was here for us.

Taken straight from A Dog’s Purpose website:

What if your dog never dies? What if dogs live multiple lifetimes, and remember all of them? What if every animal has a purpose, and your pet’s purpose is intimately bound to yours?

Read me!

I’ve talked a bit about the happiness my dog Chester has brought into my life in Through the Eyes of a Dog and Dog Dementia is for the Birds. There’s not a doubt in my mind that Chester’s purpose in life is bound to mine. Our pets add so much to our lives and help us grow on a soul level. Who knows: maybe we help them grow, too.

What do you think about your pets potentially reincarnating? Do you believe pets have a purpose in our lives beyond entertaining us when they chase their tails?

Share your stories here!

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Julie | A Clear Sign July 28, 2011 at 1:26 pm

Hi Lindsay,

That’s so funny, I always wanted a CKC spaniel, but instead have 3 other breeds – someday, maybe!

Have you read The Art Of Racing In The Rain? It’s about a dog’s influence on his family’s life and his reincarnation as a human.

I once had a white cat who I am convinced was more funcational than most humans. I’ve heard people like Sylvia on Animal Intuition say that pets do reincarnate and come back to us – IDK but I sure wish Spode would make a reappearance! Everyone who met him, cat person or not, recognized a unique quality in him and said he was the best cat they had ever met 🙂

Lindsay July 28, 2011 at 1:41 pm

Julie, that book is in my Kindle and about to be read! Thanks for the suggestion.

Lisa @ Practically Intuitive can communicate with animals. I bet she has some sense if they reincarnate. I’m willing to bet they do.

Oh and you should get a CKCS if you ever have the chance. They are such amazing, cuddly little dogs. I will never live without one if I can help it! <3

Shauna July 28, 2011 at 3:03 pm

This is great, Lindsay! Lauren Gorgo (the fabulous, wonderful, amazing woman behind thinkwithyourheart.net) told me once that she wondered if my dog Alex is experiencing his last canine life with me and perhaps he will return as a human next time around. I definitely believe my beloved canine companion is in my life for very specific and important reasons, and I believe I’m in his life for equally specific and important reasons. I’ve seen the book you referenced here, and I’ve been curious about it but haven’t read it. I’m definitely adding it to my reading list, now! Thank you so much for this post and for the light you bring to the world!! 🙂

Lindsay July 28, 2011 at 4:04 pm

Hey Shauna! Good to see you here. 🙂 So you’re friends with Lauren & Kim, eh? Wish I lived closer so I could meet all of you! Your dog Alex must be something special. I often wonder if animal souls ‘graduate’ to become humans eventually. I think you’ll enjoy “A Dog’s Purpose” since you’re a pet lover! Let me know what you think!

Justin | Spiritual Development\ July 28, 2011 at 8:44 pm

Hi Lindsay,
Cute little doggie that you have there. 🙂
It’s funny, I always related to animals as being people in an animal body. I figured that they have all of the same needs as us and I treated them accordingly.

I don’t have any pets now but I had many growing up such as a snake, hamsters, tropical fish, dogs and cats. I live in the country now so all I have to do is look outside and there are always little critters roaming around.

Souls could choose to incarnate into a dog perhaps multiple times. Maybe ascending into human form one day. I will have to check out the book that you suggested.

Lindsay July 30, 2011 at 12:46 pm

Wow, you had all kinds of pets when you were a kid! I find the theory that souls incarnate into a dog, too. So my soul could’ve been an animal before? Questions like this make me wish we had all the answers! But, of course, I know we’re not meant to as mere human souls. 🙂

And I totally relate to the “people in an animal body” thing. As a kid my sister and I used to give our pets voices all of the time. Well, I still do that! 😉

Nathan July 29, 2011 at 2:54 am

My believe is slightly different. Here it is, there is no such thing as an single animal soul. The dog has no soul, the cat has no soul. What’s inside the physical body of an animal, is a piece of a large, general animal consciousness, every animal is a part of a bigger soul. Each animal can feel happiness, and pleasure, or suffer, just like we do, but a dead for an animal means that this piece of large consciousness becomes a part of something bigger again. And then incarnates into another animal.

But, the more time the animal spends among humans, the more things are going on within this soul’s piece. And with time, a single consciousness evolves, and it is separated from the global, animal consciousness. Then, the new soul that just evolved, has only one choice – to incarnate within a self-conscious being – human, for example. And this is how soul evolution progress. From little bacteria to higher spiritual beings :).

Lindsay July 30, 2011 at 12:45 pm

Nathan, that is a really interesting & unique perspective. One that I hadn’t previously considered! I think it makes sense. Some things I’ve read said we (human beings) are all from the same source and we’re all connected, so why wouldn’t the same hold true for animals? Thanks for sharing. Food for thought, for sure.

Michele July 31, 2011 at 9:42 am

Thank you for the article! As always, I love reading the Daily Awe 🙂

I, too, have come to learn a bit different idea of our pets, their souls, and reincarnation. I believe that animals are ‘simple souls”. This means they have one incarnation that is most definitely with the purpose of coming into our lives for comfort, joy, love..whatever is needed; but that when they cross over they do not reincarnate. Instead, they enjoy a perfect life on the Other Side, waiting for our eventual return “Home”. Actually, ALL the pets from all our reincarnations are there to greet us when we arrive! That must be quite a sight 🙂

I also believe that at any given time, our pets do “visit” us and continually send us Loving energy while we are here, perhaps even arrange for other pets to find us along our journey. How often have you “‘sensed” your beloved pet’s presence, felt them nuzzle against you or had a lucid dream of you both playing/walking together in endless meadows? Our simple spirit friends are only as far as a thought a way. How comforting!

Either way, these beautiful, loving friends are created for a purpose….To Love us unconditionally. Much Love& Light 🙂

Lindsay August 1, 2011 at 11:07 am

Thank you for your thoughts on this, Michele! And for reading The Daily Awe! I can only imagine how many pets from this incarnation and previous lives I’ll be meeting over on the ‘other side’! I’m an animal lover (can ya tell?) and I’m guessing that hasn’t just been a trait I have in this life only.

Posky August 1, 2011 at 8:50 pm

I can’t tell who is more cute, you or the dog!

Okay, it’s the dog but you are in a close second.

Dogs, cats, pets in general are magical and so important. I’ve loved and enjoyed a great number of animals- enough to rival those of my own species. However, dogs always amaze me with how closely they seem to be tied to us.

Lindsay August 2, 2011 at 9:21 am

That’s about the most flattering comment anyone’s left me on here. Thank you! 🙂 Dogs (more than cats or other pets) always amaze me with how connected they are to us, too. My dog, without fail, always recognizes my moods. “Magical” is a great word to describe them.

Patti Foy | Lightspirited Being August 5, 2011 at 1:17 pm

Hi Lindsay,

Yes, yes, yes, I do believe our pets’ lives are intimately bound with ours at many levels. And just like people, I think they play different roles depending on who they are.

When I lost Zak, my yellow lab, I was devastated. I just know we were/are soul-mates in many ways. His life and death were both such transformative experiences for me.

And yes, I do think they reincarnate — I’ve heard too many amazing stories not to.

Thanks for this thought-provoking post and links to your other related ones. Great topic.

Lindsay August 5, 2011 at 1:51 pm

Awww, Patti. I just love Labradors. They are amongst the sweetest dogs, I think. I want to hear more pet reincarnation stories. I think they do, too. I’d love to know if my little Chester is a pet I’ve had in previous lives.

sarah peak October 23, 2011 at 6:22 pm

I know they reincarnate because my dog andy did. I am 6 months prego with him right now. Andy in his last form was a yellow lab I got as a 5 week old puppy. He was and will always be the love of my life ,the best friend I will ever ave on this planet,the purest love I will ever experience in this lifetime. About 7 years before he died I was so amazed by how much we loved each other I started telling people he would reincarnate as my child. I live alone and am not really the breeder type even though I have always wanted to have a baby. I was 38 when andy died and I’m 39 now. Before I became prego I was starting to feel sad that my time to have a child in this life was running out and I could never see it in my minds eye anyway so I was trying to let go of that dream. Andys process of dying lasted about 6 years and he died when he was 13. I did notice that for the last period of his life andy was keenly aware of the fact he was dying and he resented death. You could tell He spent much time thinking about it. He hated it and fought it by ignoring it and all the pain associated with it. I don’t think this is normal behavior for most older dogs I have seen.
So he finally died in my arms one sunny day, november 12 2010 I felt his body vibrate with his spirit leaving. It was so hard for me but I stayed with him. I tried to talk to him but I didn’t know what to say. The memory is so painful I can’t think about him or that moment to this day really. I think his spirit left his body but wouldn’t go any further. For the next 6 months I heard him bark everyday as clear as if he were alive. It wasn’t a happy bark though, it was his stressed out whiny bark that annoyed me cause of the high pitched cry in it. The bark he made when he was locked out in the yard too long and forgotten about or when he saw that we weren’t headed to the park. Others heard it too. The baby daddy heard it twice, one when I was with him. I personally thought he was trying to warn me about something. The barks completely stopped after conception in may, which took place this realized later in between the baby daddies birthday on may 5 and andys birthday on may 22. Another weird thing we did that might have facilitated this process, and I’m not sure what made us do this but I had him creamated and when his ashes were returned to me they were freshly burned,almost warm still,I had the overwhelming urge to eat the ashes which I did. I inhaled them trying to feel his essence . I swallowed a finger of his ashes to see if it brought me closer to him, forever. The babydaddy was there too and joined in and so did his daughter, my best friend rose. They surprisingly didn’t think this behavior was odd. Then we had a smoothie that I added a teaspoon to and the rest of the ashes are getting scattered in places he loved and sitting on my altar.

opi February 12, 2012 at 12:04 pm

Even though I consider myself to be pretty spiritual, I have to say I never gave much thought to the idea of dogs reincarnating until it happened to me….it truly caught me by surprise. I could go on and explain all the details on timing of death and reappearance, the repeated patterns btw both dogs (way beyond any possible coincidence)…..but I will leave a short and to the point comment and will only say this…. if it ever happens to you, you will know without a doubt. It is a crazy experience of immediate recognition.

Lindsay February 13, 2012 at 11:15 am

Very cool, Opi! I don’t know if you’re a blogger, but if you write about this some day, I’d love to read it!

carey May 17, 2012 at 9:02 am

I lost my black lab only eight months ago, I was so devastated that I adopted another black lab Weeks later, I do believe that I’m just realizing that this is my sweet lab reincarnated, I’ve had the hardest time bonding with him, but only because I wasn’t listening to what he was trying to tell me. He was very angry with me, but this last week I finally figured it out that this is my precious courage, and he is much more relaxed. Everybody says that a dog is just a dog, a simple animal, not true, he is smart and thoughtful, and has emotions, and I tried to treat him like a simple dog, what a mistake. I kept wondering why he was so angry with me, but think about it, wouldn’t you be angry if you couldn’t talk and you’re loved one wouldn’t read your body language. I love my sweet courage, his new name is Edgar, I think he’s happy, maybe he was mad because it took me so long to come get him from the shelter, I had to wait a month to adopt him. I guess the moral is, listen to your dog, they really can communicate with you through their body language.

Lindsay May 17, 2012 at 9:14 am

Hi Carey,

I recently lost my sweet Cavalier Chester and got a new dog just weeks later, too. But I don’t think it’s Chester reincarnated, though I wish it were. You are lucky to have your sweet Courage back in your life. And yes, dogs can and DO communicate with us. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

deborah rose July 5, 2012 at 2:00 am

My dog died in Dec., he was 10 years old, had a brain tumor. I believe in reincarnation and wanted him to reincarnate for his highest good. That might mean moving on in the universe and not necessarily coming back to me. Before he died I told him I wanted his highest good. I loved him so much and missed him mightily. A couple weeks ago I realized I was ready to get a new dog and was guided to adopt a six month old puppy. So interesting how that worked out! What is amazing is that she is my old dog, has his eyes and his energy. She was born 15 days after he died. I am so grateful to that Higher Power for giving me my best friend back. I also lost a kitty ten years ago, he had pancreatic cancer, and he came back to me too a year later. I am a peds palliative care nurse, give a lot at work, and my pets give so much to me, help me restore. This time around my plan is to train my dog as a therapy dog. I have lost other pets and they didn’t come back to me, but these two did.

Lindsay July 8, 2012 at 7:22 am

Hi Deborah,

Thanks so much for sharing your story with me. That’s incredible about your puppy coming back to you. I agree that we just “know” when these things happen. I would love, love, love for my dog Chester to come back to me in some form, but I have a good feeling he won’t: that our time together as souls on earth has passed.

I am thinking of training my new pup as a therapy dog, too! Btw – you are a special earth angel to be a peds palliative care nurse. I work in palliative care as a reiki practitioner, but with adults. I can’t imagine the inner strength you must have to work with grieving parents and little ones who are crossing over. What a gift and beautiful heart you have.

Deborah July 8, 2012 at 12:33 pm

Thanks for your comments, Lindsay. Your work as a reiki practitioner is also so hugely beneficial to people ready to make the shift, and for those of us who hold the space for them. I practice the yoga philosophy, and frequently check in with myself to review my purpose, which is to offer service to others. Palliative care work is a very worthy service and we definitely need to also take care of ourselves. I think your having your reiki art and a therapy dog would be an outstanding combination. It’s really something how people can relax and allow healing when there is an animal in their midst. Best of luck with that. And lots of Light to Chester on his next “job”. Though I don’t know for sure what happens to all that love energy in a furry package when a pet dies, I believe that what waits for us when it is our time is a wonderful, healing surprise.

Linda Griffin November 16, 2012 at 11:46 pm

I lost my beloved Meeko exactly 4 weeks ago. We adopted him as a mixed-mostly-Daschund puppy from the Houston SPCA 15 1/2 years ago. He brought so much love and joy into our lives, especially mine. Although he was old, he would probably have lived longer had it not been for complications arising from a shock to his system after he was attacked by a coyote. The vet tried to save him, but we finally had to let him go because I could not bear to see him suffer. I told him he was going to Dog’s Heaven. I sure hope it’s the same place as Heaven for people because that’s where I want to see him when my time comes. As much as I miss Meeko, and I do so much that I still cry as I write this, I want to think he’s in a better place. I don’t want him to reincarnate and by chance end up without a good life.

Lindsay November 18, 2012 at 12:55 pm

Hi Linda,

Thank you so much for sharing your story Meeko with us here. It sounds like you did the most loving thing anyone could do for Meeko in ending his suffering. I am sure he is with you in spirit now.

It’s been several months since I lost Chester and I still miss him every day. They sure do have a way of owning so much of our hearts. My thoughts are with you!

Jeffrey Hunter December 31, 2012 at 12:20 pm

Maximillian – may adopted Greyhound has passed to the after life ahead of me. This is the day that I never wanted to live. He was the most wonderful thing I have ever known. Somehow I have always felt that he and I were kindred spirits, as if we had known eachother in the past

Lindsay December 31, 2012 at 9:50 pm

Hi Jeffrey,

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I know the pain of losing a pet all too well. I know Maximillian will live in your heart forever. Take care & be gentle with yourself!

Justin February 2, 2013 at 11:19 pm

My sister had taken in a husky pup for her 11 year old boy. The pup
grew to be about a year and a half and they wanted to find a new home for the dog, because his energy level is just too much. After some time I decided I’d take the dog. I live in a city, but I also ride a skateboard, don’t own a car so I walk a lot. I live with three housemates, and they all love the dog. So is the dog happier? Well it’s been said a tired husky is a happy husky. And Kama spends much of his time inside laying around. So I guess the answer is yes. Almost every morning he wake me up around 7 am. I let him pull me on my skateboard and we wind up going almost 4 miles, some times up to 8 miles. Sometimes though we just go to the small dog park down the street. It’s there that I’ve learned the most about animals, and all living things.

They say you can’t let a husky off his leash because he’ll just (I am aware that I’m using un-politically correct uni-gender language here but my husky IS a guy so I get a pass) run away. Now that was
mostly true with Kama at the outset. In fact even when I made sure
to have all the entrances to the park closed, Kama would find a crack
in a fence someplace to scanter off. And in each case it’d take all the mustering of my guts to call him back, start running in the opposite direction to lead him toward me. But now I use some hotdogs and
common dog training methods. We’re on our third week now. And today he was able to play off leash in the park with some young German Shepard females. Kama usually tries to mount any dog male or female, we’ve got a lot in common in that respect. In fact the word Kama in Sanskrit means sexual desire, or more generally passionate desire, in Buddhism it refers to sexual misconduct, in Hinduism it refers to the third of the four goals of life, generally stated as intellectual and mental fulfillment. So you’d think I was some Zen guru giving this dog this name. However. He was originally named Kamikaze by my nephew you see. And they had shortened that to ‘Kami.’ Well, Kami sounds like some kind of Vietnamese War era gutter talk to me, so being his new owner made the change, because it was like the old name, but different. I’m a Libra. I am a moderate. I try to please everyone. So I changed the dog’s name to Kama.

So both names are otherworldly accurate. The dog can run like it’s nobody’s business (hence “Kamikaze” or “Divine Wind”) and he’s chock full of all those chemical juices that if you were to take them from his body and put them in a glass you could power an oil rig across the seven seas with it. This guy’s only 1.5 years old and he’s ready to f the daylights of any dog (hence Kama).

So what’s the point.

The point is. I always look to do what’s best for the dog, and for myself. And I’ve always thought it was up to me to train him in the right way, or to invent some miraculous bonding method with him
that would revolutionize the way huskies could be domesticated.
But I was wrong.

Today Kama played with two 7 – 9 month old German shepherd
FEMALES. Oh yes he went for the old mounting maneuvers. But
these dogs were bigger than him. And they nipped him in his bud at every turn. Suddenly he was forced to play with them on their terms. I chatted with the owner. “What do you feed them? They’re so big for their age.” “Nature’s Select.” “I’m going to have to try some of that. I feed Kama Pedigree with some dry food mixed in like 4 times a day and he’s still skin and bones.” “Well once a week I throw in a T-Bone steak. These dogs eat better than I do.”

Kama had pulled me to this park about 3 blocks. Fresh out of the house he was super dog riding his own divine wind. And we made it to the park and I had seen those two shepherds and my first instinct was, “now what.” They were a good 200 yards off. I didn’t have to let him play. I saw that the entrance gates were open. I could let him off his leash and he could just run out of the park into the city streets and God knows where else. But suddenly they were coming to him. And suddenly I just said, whatever. Go for it Kama. So there he was playing with these two ladies. A husky in an open city park.
I got him to come back and fed him some hot dog. He ran off once more smelling about some bushes. But I ran out and he came back again.

So the moral of the story is. Nobody is in charge. The leader has to follow and sometimes the followers are the leaders. Of course we humans like to make up this ladder system of, “dogs do good, they get to become HUMAN!” Of course we, humans, would make up a system where being HUMAN is at the top of the list. Maybe the dogs are thinking the same thing. Maybe they’re thinking, “I hope this human finally gets it, then maybe one day they can metamorphosize into, of course, a DOG!”


Justin and Kama

Hai May 4, 2013 at 7:17 pm

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Dee Miron May 21, 2013 at 8:26 pm

Thank you very much for this site. I loved everyone’s story as well. Cavalier King Charlie’s are indeed unique and total heart and soul. My Quincy and I have been in many lives together and he is my lighht and he is my angel. Quincy passed last April, 12th and yes this grieving is extremely hard, but he stills my heart and I “know” we are meeting again. I confirmed it with a wonderful animal communicator Flash Silvermoon, but I had always known that he and I were together for a reason. I had said to him his entire life..”I love You and I will Always Be With You” and then I said “We love each other and we will always be together”. Every time I said this he’d look into my eyes as if he was smiling and I could feel his deep love. When I met my wife 8 years ago- He immediately jumped up and kissed her on the cheek. Quince wasn’t kissy however this amazing exception was a delightful welcome and a very charming kiss on the cheek. My partner remembers that first kiss more than ours. He was often referred to as an old old soul and as very special. I am having time saying he was because know we are meeting again and soon. When it was his time to transform from this life he was just past his 14 birthday or in his 15 year. Yes I see the numbers “5” from the 1+4 and also see 1’s and 5’s often. 1 are an angel number and Quince was definitely an angel. Quince numerology number was a 2 and that number is everywhere these days. On my cell phone, on clocks every single day and often..On houses and license plates. He is showing me the signs….I am so inspired by this. When he passed in this life I was stroking his darling little head and holding his right paw..and I felt deep deep sorrow and yet there was a tingle in my arm..Quincy is definitely coming back and in the body of another Cavalier King Charlie…We will know it and we will be together again. There isn’t ANY love out there as comparable to these precious babies. My animal communicator is well known through-out Florida- http://www.flashsilvermoon.com. and as stated she saw him and told me exactly what I have described here. She also told me that our furry babies or as I say our babies wrapped in fur…take on our health issues and yes this definitely includes our emotional/mental/spiritual well being so I urge everyone to take good care of themselves and then get ready to meet your precious love and light in the form of a babe wrapped in fur. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories and it is nice to see so many people out there expressing this beautiful unconditional love.

Trapezius pain stretches December 24, 2013 at 3:56 pm

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michelle July 21, 2014 at 12:05 am

Hello Linsey
I will try to keep this short as possable, i would love your insite.
My journey began the day i was born 47 years ago, i was a child that grew up in the system and on the streets, becouse of this i had huge walls for survival, my anmails were my love and life, i understood them and them I. As an adult things were rough as well, 9 years ago two little angels came into my life, my daughters pit bull gave birth to two babies that changed my life, Desa Otter Dots and Belly Buttons, i helped them come into this world and helped them cross the bridge this past year 🙁 they tought me things humans and this world failed with me, the walls began to come down, and my sweet girls had their paws full with me, i felt safe for the first time to love, laugh, and grow emotionally and spritualy, they saved a shell of my being.
I always use to tell them that when they crossed I would follow I could not bear to be without them, i was so excited every day to greet the sunrise and share a day everyday with them and sleep with them at night, mind you I had 47 years of happyness to make up for, i use to tell them that they were the two halfs that made me whole, and it was true.
I will share some of there antics that I am trying to male a point with. Belly was my clown and Desa was my rock, Belly tought me a game that we played throught their lives, on a walk one day, Belly stoped and stared at me and wouldent move (off leash, we live in Wyoming) then she droped to her belly started thumping her back legs to pounce, so I told her GO, she ran into me and Desa, we fell in a heap on the ground laughing till we cryied, it was a game we played often and her favorite spot was on a hill we walked often. Also i use to say Puppy Puppy Puppy, and they would come running to me always, they use to love it when i called to them like this, Belly use to love to chace moths, she would spend hours obsessed with these little creatures. In the spring every year i use to scream Robbin as i saw the first one every year, and they would share my excitment with me, they found me inside. I use to call Belly my shadow dog, I have many beautfull stories about my Desa as well but this story I am questioning you about is about my Bells.
My Baby Bells passed thirteen months ago, needless to say i was a mess, i hardly slept all summer, i wanted to go with her but would not leave my sweet Desa, i had to pull it together for her, she was suffering as well. I had two chairs under a huge tree that i sat under most of that summer, a few weeks after i lost her a Robbin came to me and stayed in that tree all summer, only a few feet from me, i only recall her being gone mabe a few times, i started to worry that she was sick, i started to put out water and food, she would chirp and flap her wings if i was loosing it, or as my daughter came over, i took many pictures as I was amazed at how tame she was, my daughter and a friend told me many times that it was strange and began telling me they thought she might be my Bells, i wondred however i did not belive in any thing i could not see or understand, however i began to wonder, we started calling her our Belly Bird, as fall came i began to worry, it was already getting very cold and all of the other birds were already gone, yet she stayed, one day i noticed her with a friend, a small brown finch that winter here in Wyoming, they next day she was gone, but this little brown finch stayed in a nest right next to my door. Another twist to this, I have a dear soul friend in France who I have never met in person but we talk almost every day, the closest person to me other than my girls, the day Belly robbin left my friend Julia emailed me the next day and said a robbun flew into her car and sat their for it seemed like forever just looking at her.
The next nine months Desa and I fought for her life, she devoloped a Pancreatitis, Diabeties, and we lost eachother 5 months ago, I bought Desa a puppy Great Dane last summer to try to help save her, and so came Peanut Butter.
I did not notice much about poor Peanut for her first year of life, i was trying so hard to save my baby, however, i was walking Peanut a few weeks ago on Desa and Bellys hill, Peanut droped down on her stomach and stared at me, then started thumping her feet, my heart felt like it stoped, i started to cry and said GO, she ran into me, we fell down crying and laughing, and a bit hurt lol Peanut is 140 lbs, as we contuined our walk I decided to give the Puppy Puppy call and sure as shit Peanut got very excited and rushed for me, (this time I braced my self lol) she loves to chace mothes for hours. The reason i have not gone from this earth is becouse i want to see my girls again, and i want to go to heaven becouse i know that is where angles go. I think these occurances with Peanut and Belly Robbin are deeper than what we see, I found my spritualty thanks to my girls light, and I cant find any thing in the bible, I am so confused, I also feel like i killed my girls with kindness, i fed them to fill my holes inside of me, I made homemade dog treats, and one and on. Any advice would be very welcome, and i thankyou from the bottom of my heart that you are a voice for these angles and help them along the way with the souls who love them, a hero!

carpentry October 11, 2014 at 11:58 pm

There’s definately a lot to learn about this subject.
I like all of the points you made.

quest bars February 8, 2016 at 7:17 am

This is a topic that is close to my heart… Cheers!
Where are your contact details though?

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