The (unsolved) mysterious case of the bathroom ghost

The (unsolved) mysterious case of the bathroom ghost

by Lindsay on March 8, 2012

in Paranormal, Souls

The only ghosts I want to see in my bathroom

A few months ago my friend Julie (the writer and intuitive behind A Clear Sign) posted something on her Facebook about a ghost/astral entity/something non-human plaguing her home and doing freaky things. I responded to her post, although I can’t for the life of me remember what I said.

After a few minutes of procrastinating on Facebook, I decided to tackle my ‘to do’ list and clean my bathroom.  As I was scrubbing the toilet, I heard the chime my inbox makes to alert me to a new email. Which would you choose: email or toilet? Yeah, I though so. Naturally, I ran from the bathroom into my living room to see what was awaiting me in my inbox, leaving the bathroom cabinet doors hanging wide open and the toilet bowl half cleaned.

Moments later, after having read the very important email I’d received (okay, okay it was junk!), I heard a clatter in my bathroom. It sounded like something had fallen. I wandered into the bathroom to investigate and saw that indeed, something had fallen:  one of the replacement blades from my Intuition razor! The blade had been sitting in the cabinet with 3 others just like it and had somehow managed to fly approximately 4 feet across the bathroom and onto the floor. Now, if it had just dropped, it would’ve plunked right into the toilet. I checked the other blades and they hadn’t moved. The window was closed – no breeze. Clearly, someone was trying to get my attention, and this someone has a great sense of humor. They were also trying to outdo Julie’s ghost, or so it seemed.

A couple of months pass and nothing happens. I thought the razor blade incident was a one-off. But eventually, I began finding dimes in my bathroom. Regular readers of this blog will know that I find dimes in the coolest (and strangest) of places and the dimes are usually a little ‘hello’ to me from Spirit (guides, family members…not sure who!). If you ever need a dime or two, feel free to come search on my bathroom floor, because I find at least 2 on it every week!

I’m not entirely sure who – or what – is hanging out in my bathroom or why this someone is using my bathroom to get my attention.  The only communicating I’ve done so far with this spirit is to ask it to not show itself to me in physical form – I’m not interested in peeing my pants.

UPDATE: As I wrote this article I heard the “drip, drip, drip” sound that can be nothing but a leaky faucet. I went into my bathroom to explore and, much to my non-surprise, my bathtub faucet had begun leaking as I wrote. I guess this someone knew what I was writing about!

Any guesses as to who’s in my bathroom? Or why? Do you have any cool/fun/scary/pee-inducing ghost stories to share? Or suggestions as to how I should handle this? 


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Julie March 8, 2012 at 9:36 am

Ha! I love the story of the Intuition razor.

My ghost is definitely “gone into the light” after Kara and Michael did their things…it’s been calm around here ghost wise. It’s a good lesson that as we raise our vibration (or however you want to put it), “beings” seem to either be drawn to it (whether or not we know what to do with them when they get here!) or we ourselves become more aware of them, or both.

I will have to get into meditation mode today and see if I can get any answers for you. I did get an inkling when I read your story and am about to do a “big house clean” (always a great intuitive time) and will let you know if things gel.

Lindsay March 8, 2012 at 10:07 am

Thanks in advance for doing some investigating! I don’t get any bad feelings from this “being” – doesn’t feel like it’s someone trying to scare me or do something negative. I’m looking fwd to seeing if you get something during your deep clean!

You picked an awesome day to be doing this deep clean, btw. Moon in Virgo! Wonder if that’s what inspired you?

Larry March 8, 2012 at 11:26 am

Julie and Lindsay, all of us seem to have some sort of “dime story.” Could either of you explain to me how it is that finding dimes has either a positive or negative significance? I do not want to bore you with a long message about what I’ll write next but: I simply am not into any of this “NEW AGE” stuff. Or, “cosmic” mumble jumble! But on a “quantum mechanic,” or “multi-verse” level, or, for that matter, if Jungian psychology has any credibility, there is something to finding dimes in the oddest of places. Relatively speaking, all this seems pointless anyway, this, if none of us is smart enough to figure out what is happening. And I do not accept the subjective argument that I have to “project” into its meaning or significance. With my imagination, runaway imagination, I could be addressing mushrooms!

Lindsay March 8, 2012 at 5:37 pm

Hi Larry,

I always see finding dimes as a positive experience. I can’t think of a time or place that I’ve found a dime where I could put a negative spin on it. They’ve always been validations for me in some way or just a little ‘hi’ from spirit. I suppose it’s all in how we interpret it, right? For instance, when I found a dime outside the doorstep of my new home before I’d visited it to see if I wanted to live here, I could’ve thought, “Hmm…found a dime – better run!” Or, I could’ve thought, “This is a sign that this place is mine!”. I’m glad I went with the latter, because my new home is just right for me.

Anyway – if you keep finding dimes, I’d suggest keeping a log of where & when you find the dimes, and perhaps even what you were thinking about at the time. See if you can identify a pattern of some sort.

Melissa March 8, 2012 at 1:45 pm

I wonder about the bathroom. Why is this a common place? Is it because it is “quiet” in there? Meaning…usually there is no background noise going on. No television. No radios going. Not people hanging around, talking. It is where people are quiet. Some people do a lot of thinking in that room. 😉

Seriously though, maybe they show themselves to us there, because they know that they can snag our attention. They know they will be noticed! Just a thought, a guess at most!

In the house I am in now ~ several of us, approximately three or four members of my household have witnessed shadowpeople, shadow forms move around. They can be brief, or move literally across an entire room before fading. The last one I saw passed right beside me, in the kitchen, as I was talking to someone. Just like they were going to grab a glass of water, and that was that! It wasn’t really scary for me. It was just sort of matter of fact, you know? Just a “hello, I am here. Alright then, good bye, now!” Pretty cool. =)

Lindsay March 8, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Hey Melissa! I think you might be right about the bathroom and why spirit might choose to communicate with us in there. Can’t leave the toilet while you’re doing your business!

I think as long as you’re not getting any creepy vibes, the ghosts/spirits you and your housemates are seeing in your home are a-ok. I always ask, “How does it feel?” If it feels icy & chilly or like the hair on your neck stands up, that usually means you need to clear your space. In our case (at least by the sounds of things), these are spirits who don’t mean any harm but are just around. 🙂

Thanks for sharing!

Patti Foy | Lightspirited Being March 9, 2012 at 12:28 pm

What a fun and intriguing post — you drew me in with your title.

I had something much like this happen once, that defied the laws of gravity plus plus. Way too long a story to get into now, but what comes to mind is that I did have something quite intense going on in my emotional field at the time (peaking even during that moment) related to my dog who had just passed away. What fell was specifically related to him.

So… This begs the question as to whether you had anything emotional or mental (or otherwise) going on in your life at the time that might have been particularly intense. Especially related to intuition, or sharpening it, or shaving things away, etc. And were you wanting that email to be from someone particular? And was any of this perhaps related to someone who’d passed on?

Those were my first thoughts, mainly because of the striking similarity to what happened to me. I didn’t think of it so much as a ghost as an unmistakeable message.

Have fun sleuthing!!

Lindsay March 10, 2012 at 10:00 am

Thanks, Patti! Your tips are great! I wish I could remember what I was thinking about/feeling during that time, but that’s long gone! I should’ve paid more attention! I will going forward when I find the dimes, etc…and see what comes up!

PS – I really love your energy! Just had to tell ya. 🙂

Nessa March 13, 2012 at 3:57 pm

I remember my first apartment when I was in college. We had a ghost or spirit in there, and he was *not* happy when my roommates and I moved in! The house always felt… odd. Especially if you were in it alone. I used to go up to it on weekends to get away during the summer, before my other roommates actually moved in. My first encounter with the spirit was the day is started “talking”. I had just taken a friend home, after watching a movie. When I came back into the empty house and started making supper, I heard a deep, male voice. I couldn’t understand what it was saying, but it was almost like a deep, evil-sounding German (the kind you expect to hear in bad horror movies!). Thinking my friend had left the TV on, I went to shut it off. The TV wasn’t on, and the sound had shifted and was coming from down the hall, to a bedroom closet. The apartment? Was the top floor of a house. Our downstairs neighbors didn’t move in until September, so it wasn’t a neighbor.

One of my other roommates used to complain about the house being creepy, or catching reflections in the big picture window that couldn’t really be there. After we had the official move in for the start of term, things didn’t improve so I tried a cleansing of the house. Our spirit threw a salt shaker at me on my fourth pass through the kitchen. We made it clear we didn’t mind if he stayed, but the house was ours and we didn’t appreciate the negativity he brought to the place. After that, it wasn’t as much of a problem, but you still felt him now and again.

Lindsay March 15, 2012 at 10:37 am

Wow, Nessa. I think I might be a tad scared if I heard a ghost. Wow! Did anyone ever investigate to see who or what this spirit was who was hanging around?

Kristine April 13, 2012 at 5:27 pm

What a great post! Those pesky lost beings, not quite knowing they’ve passed on and full of piss and vinegar – and fear. Well, they do keep their personalities in this dimension. If they thrashed around when they were alive, they’ll thrash around in this state of being as well. But not to fear! Nothing in spirit can harm anyone. You might be well aware that these beings are attracted to the light of people and wouldn’t you know that water has a great amount of white light as well? That would explain the bathroom.

This is what I do when I sense a being around me that doesn’t belong (there are quite a few at my property, which has quite a lot of underground water!). I tell them to not be afraid and to go to the greatest light of all. I send them as much love as possible to help them on their way. I also ask my guides to help them, too. I find that this works very well at quietening things down.

One of my guides did suggest putting rocks in the corners of my house, and particularly behind the toilet. She said it would help to ground the energies, to bring down the light. So I did. Now I’m really rockin’ the house!

I understand that when we feel afraid of these beings, it is their fear we’re picking up on. They are afraid. They’re lost. But ultimately it is up to each one to make the choice to move forward. Now THAT sounds familiar!

nancy September 1, 2014 at 2:33 pm

A couple of years ago I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. It was around 3am. I sat on the toilet and felt a very strong poke to the middle of my back. My bathroom is very small and there was absolutely nothing on my toilet tank. I sat there stunned but not one hundred percent surprised. You see, I was visited by a little girl in a sky blue dress and a big hair bow several months before. I was in a very deep sleep one fall evening when I first moved into the apartment I still reside. I was awaken by my mattress slightly moving up and down as if someone were sitting on the edge of my bed. I had no pets at the time who slept on my bed. I opened my eyes in a semi sleep state and saw a little girl sitting on the side of my bed looking out the only window in the room completely oblivious to me laying there. She had on a light blue dress with big puffy sleeves and a big hair bow. I called out to my teenaged daughter in the next room and the little girl disappeared! A few weeks later a sweet elderly neighbor asked me if I would like to see the picture of the house that used to be on the property. I looked at the pictured of a beautiful large Victorian home which was torn down in the sixties. After inquiring as to who live in the home I have since discovered one girl and five brothers lived in the home with their parents. No one I asked acknowledged there was a little girl in the home until this year. I was walking around my historic neighborhood on the 4th of July when a lovely older women sitting on her porch said hello and asked me to come in for tea. After exchanging our names and sharing brief conversation I came to soon discover her grandparents owned the beautiful Victorian home and her five uncles along with her one aunt lived there also. She said her aunt as a “sickly little girl” and was later taken to a mental hospital where she later died. I shared my visit with her and she was convinced this was indeed the presence of her aunt as a little girl! She had several family photos circa early 1900s. She showed me a picture of her grandparents with their children, and there was my little nighttime visitor sitting with a large bow in her hair looking away from the camera with her parents and brothers! This was one of the most memorable moments of my life!

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