Soul mates and beeping bracelets

Soul mates and beeping bracelets

by Lindsay on July 4, 2012

in Relationships, Souls

Is your soul mate pre-determined before you’re even born? What if a clock could count you down to the very moment you meet this so-called soul mate? In the movie “Timer”, that is exactly what happens. A timer is implanted in the your wrist and promises to accurately display the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until you are going to meet your soul mate – “THE ONE”.  I’ll admit it – the romantic in me loves the idea. Every other part of me totally thinks the movie is full of crap. More on that in a moment.

The main character in the movie – Oona – is almost 30, and her timer is blank because her soul mate hasn’t yet installed a timer. In order for hers to count down, he has to have one, too. We see Oona taking men she’s dating who are “timer free” and persuading them to install their own timer to see if hers will begin its countdown and/or beep when his is installed. (Meaning: he’s the one!). Instead of enjoying the men she was dating and savoring the relationships & letting herself love, she was just living for her “one and only” and not having much fun in the process.

I don’t think a soul mate is our “one and only”. Sure, the person you fall in love with can be one of our soul mates. I think of a soul mate as more of a karma mate.  Someone with whom you have a soul agreement with to grow together on a soul level.

Soul mates are people who impact our lives and help us find out who we are – sometimes that’s through friction and tough times and hard-earned lessons. Not the romantic “Hollywood” idea of what a soul mate is; your “other half” who completes you. If the movie “Timer” was based on my belief of what a soul mate is, our timers would be beeping every day as we encounter our soul mates.

Your dog, your sister, your coworker, neighbor and children – all of these people (or pets!) are your soul mates. We have agreements with each and every one of them to learn something and teach something with all of them, and that is what a soul mate is.

And let’s pretend for a moment that there was a “one and only” for all of us. If you knew in advance the exact moment you would meet your soul mate, would you be more likely to spend the weeks or years remaining just waiting for that future partner? Or would you sow your wild outs and date as many people as you could for fun beforehand? I’m afraid many of us would spend our days and nights pining away for the one that is 5 minutes, 10 months or 7 years away, and what fun is that?

Thanks to Julie from A Clear Sign for bringing my attention to this movie!

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PS: Stay tuned for next week, when my pal Julie and I roll out a sneak-peek of our collaboration and the work we are setting out to do together! 

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Julie | A Clear Sign July 5, 2012 at 12:07 pm

I do believe you’d have a big contingent of female piners 🙂 I am not sure most men would care, either way. Or install their devices. I also suspect that a lot of us spend our days married to one soul mate and then later on, meet another…so in that case, it could really mess all our relationships up! It would be funny to live in such a way, but our souls would be very confused…so let’s hope technology never makes it this far 🙂

Lindsay July 8, 2012 at 7:20 am

LOL I totally agree that the female contingent would be getting timers far more than man. Even in the movie it was usually shown as the women dragging the men into the timer centre to get their timers installed to see if they were a match.

I’m hoping technology never makes it this far, either. Then there’d be no fun in the waiting, the mystery.

Anne McCarroll July 5, 2012 at 1:13 pm

Can’t wait to read about the plans you and Julie have!

And about soul mates? I probably would have done some of both – sit around and wait and date anyone to meet people, learn about life…but I say that after the fact.

I think having a timer would have made me a tunnel vision freak! Now I can see life would be sparse indeed if there was only one soul mate for each person.

But, maybe they all show up in good time-so why wait if they’re coming’ round when they’re ready? Do we still learn as well or live as well that way? Hmmm. I’m thinking again. Thinking Thursday with Lindsay!! 🙂 Way to get me outta ‘traffic’!!

Lindsay July 8, 2012 at 7:18 am

I’m totally with you on this one, Anne. The timer would make me a tunnel vision freak! I just know I’d be living for that particular moment I met “the one”. I suppose you have a point in saying we live that way knowing that someone will show up when it’s time, but at least we don’t have a counter telling us the exact moment! I think it would take away the fun, too. There’s nothing like that feeling of mystery when meet someone new when you can feel “it” and wonder if they can, too!

Jack @ TheJackB July 6, 2012 at 4:01 am

I don’t know what I would do. I used to think I did, but now I am not so sure.

Our experiences play such a big role in this. When you have been around the block a few times it becomes much easier to decide to wait because you know a bit about what is out there.

But when you don’t know, life is very different.

Karly July 6, 2012 at 10:40 am

Well, I suppose I’m not one to talk. I played the waiting game. Although I have identified several soul mates who have been in and out of my life over the years, I immediately knew that he was “the one” (how cliche!) that I needed to be with. I waited a year for him to come back around (YES, he finally did, Lindsay! I was going to email you with an update :)) but in that year, I didn’t waste my time. We both worked on improving our selves and spirits. I tried to date other people, but just couldn’t. There was definitely some kind of subconscious block going on. Now, I frequently used to ask myself how long I was going to wait. A year? 10 years? Fortunately, I won’t have to answer that question.

If I were in the situation of that movie character, however, I definitely wouldn’t wait around. Like you said, we all have many soul mates. Maybe “the one” she’s supposed to meet isn’t the ultimate soul mate in a romantic sense, but a soul mate that would help her become the best person she could be? I think that’s the best kind of soul mate. I’ve had a few of those!

Lindsay July 8, 2012 at 7:19 am

Miss Karly! This is AWESOME news! I’d say you were listening to your intuition on this one, and that’s the best way to live. You KNEW it was right to wait. And it paid off! I think maybe if you’d have been meant to wait around for 10 years, your inclination to wait – that niggling feeling telling you to – wouldn’t have been so strong. Your guides wouldn’t have wanted you to live your life like that. Know what I mean?

Email me and tell me what happened! I’m happy for you! <3

Dylan Lin Calista July 10, 2012 at 6:08 am

When I was much younger…I thought I’d only have ONE soul mate. I think it’s what a lot of us are lead to believe. And, if things don’t work out with that one person, it only means that you two aren’t really soul mates.

As I got older, my views changed because I find it hard to believe that we are not able to have more then one soul mate. My interpretation of a soul mate is one who understands and relates to you in ways beyond words. The bond and understanding runs much deeper.

As for the Hollywood ideal of a soul mate? Pft. Yes, ‘PFT’ is all I have to say about it. (hehe!)

I believe we have soul mates who are teachers and at times, we play the role of being the teacher in their lives. The convergence of two souls, a meeting of the souls, rather, is to learn from one another and bring forth lessons we were bound to learn.

Some of these people will remain in our lives as life long friends while others are what I like to refer to as ‘travelers’ in the corridor of our lives. They were never meant to stay. They were only meant to show us the way.

Right now, I am trying to figure out where my last flame falls in either of those categories but time will tell. It’s the waiting that sometimes sucks lol.

Leatha October 7, 2014 at 8:59 am

I enjoy looking through an article that will make people think.
Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!

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