How to know it's your spirit guides and not just a crazy dream: spirit guide messages in dreams

How to know it’s your spirit guides and not just a crazy dream: spirit guide messages in dreams

by Lindsay on August 16, 2012

in Dreams, Spirit Guides

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Have you ever had a “stranger” who felt familiar to you visit you in your dreams? Someone who feels like you know them but you can’t quite place how or maybe even feels like a best friend, but you haven’t a clue who they are in your waking life? If you have ever dreamt of this familiar “stranger,” this is most likely a spirit guide coming to you in your dreams.

A long-time reader shared her spirit guide dream visitation story with me:

During a very dark time in my life, I went to bed one night feeling distraught and alone. I eventually fell asleep and had one of the most vivid dreams I’ve ever had. In it, I was sitting on a school bus when I saw this older, plump, black woman sitting beside me. She gently put her arm around me and told me that everything would be okay. I remember waking up from the dream with tears streaming down my face.  I knew there was something different about the dream –it didn’t feel so much like a dream, but some other type of experience I’d never had before. I knew it was my spirit guide, because she provided me with such a sense of comfort, reassurance, and warmth that stayed with me even after I had woken.

Your spirit guides are always with you and will most likely reach out to contact you in your dreams. All you have to do is ask! In fact, chances are you’ve already had some contact with your guides in your dream life and just haven’t recognized it. Think back: what dreams with wise strangers have you had? What message did they carry?

Another reader shared a spirit guide dream visitation story with me. In that dream, she felt drawn to a woman who she later understood was her spirit guide. In the dream, the woman/guide encouraged her to get healthy (she had been sick), seek holistic healthcare and eat well. The best part is, this woman she was drawn to in the dream appeared not just in one dream, but in a subsequent dream, too. Further validation that this is a guide who is visiting her.

Try this exercise before going to bed to have a dream-time connection with your guides: 

  • Write a question in your dream journal or on a note pad that you’d like addressed.
  • Read the question aloud before going to bed
  • Leave your dream journal or notepad next to your bed and set the intention that you meet your guides that night in your dreams.
  • Stay open – your guide could present itself as an animal, bird or a human guide. It may also just come as a feeling you have throughout the dream and when you wake.

My own experiences with my guides in dreams vary. But the ones that stick with me the most are the ones where they come with messages of reassurance. Love. Positivity. Guidance. I’m always left with a good feeling, a feeling of being comforted and loved.

If you haven’t connected with your guides or simply want another perspective (I might get something you miss, for example, or your guides might tell me in a different way), I do spirit guide readingsVisit the spirit guide readings page for more info. 

PS – I’ve put together a guided meditation to help you meet your spirit guides. Please visit my Daily Awe Shop to download the meditation. Let me know what you get!

Have you ever met a guide in your dreams? What was it like? Share your experiences here with us! 

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Julie Barrett August 16, 2012 at 10:37 am

The dreams that stick with my as otherwordly are the ones where I am visited by family members. I can’t think of one where my spirit guides have come through, but OTOH I have had insomnia for so many years I rarely remember my dreams anymore. I can say I have been aware of times when I was getting “messages” or “worked on” during dreamtime and that quality of feeling stayed with me until morning. Funny we both posted about dreams today 🙂

Jennifer Flint Designs August 16, 2012 at 2:20 pm

I do have a special spirit guide who sometimes comes through in dreams, although rarely, as he has other ways of communicating. I also have dreams ABOUT him, but somehow I can always tell the difference, because he looks different, and the ones that are actually FROM him feel much more vivid and real. It’s pretty obvious. 🙂

Cheyenne August 16, 2012 at 7:06 pm

I had a crazy dream once. I was dating someone who was an absolute mess, mentally and spiritually, and I’ve always thought it was God himself who came to me but maybe it was a guide. In my dream I was standing and all around me were big white clouds. I was not scared and it was a peaceful feeling. I heard a voice and I knew the info was for my boyfriend even tho it didn’t say his name. It told me the secret for my bf to find his happiness in life. The feeling and dream were amazing because I knew it was special. I did relay the message but he never applied it to his life…I wish I could have more dreams like that with answers to my questions 🙂

Ricardo August 17, 2012 at 3:06 pm

My spiritual guides come to me in dreams and I can always tell, because I wake up from them in a sweat, my heart racing, and the absolute conviction that that dream was not common. I have had premonitions, some of them very symbolic, of both good and bad events awaiting. The bad events and the good were incredibly intense, punctual, precise, and determinant, and yet for some reason I established this kind of contact with the spiritual world later in life, it wasn’t there always. I will share just two of the good ones: In 2000 I was surviving a miserable relationship with someone whom, however, I loved dearly. I had a dream of this person playing hide and seek in a field of lilies, until the lilies were so thick that I started to rejoice in them thoroughly and forgot about that person, soon to be in my past. Turns out that six months after I met the cause of the rain of lilies, it was my soulmate, and a relationship so worth, through which my life has been bathed, almost literally, in a shower of lilies.
In 2005 I was taking a nap at my mom’s house in Argentina. At the time I had left the US reluctantly, sorrowfully, and with lots of hesitation and doubts applied for Canada’s immigration. Jesus himself appeared in my dream, stating ‘… this is all for you…’, curtains lifted, letting me see a vision of lakes and forests. In 2007, while hiking the Truck and Tower’s trail at Algonquin Park (which I had decided to do in the last second since it was 5:30 pm and the whole trail takes average 4 hours), Ontario, I arrived through the woods to this elevated cliffs which seemed to promise a magnificent view, magnificent indeed: It was the very same vision I saw in my dream back in 2005, to me smallest detail. I fell on my knees and kissed the ground. It was a glorious moment in which I felt the basic goodness that pervades the universe, and the continuity of life and love through the crevices of eternity. Not saying that Jesus, personally is my spiritual guide, but I feel honoured He manifested lie this:-)

Nesa K. August 18, 2012 at 6:01 am

I believe I’ve had an encounter with my spiritual guide(s). This happened right after my spiritual “awakening” earlier this year. Being more attuned to the upper realms , I sensed I was not alone and that I was being gently guided via synchronous events and gut feelings to leave my spouse and change my career to one better suited to my core being. 

One night while lying in bed, I asked for a sign to confirm that I had not “lost it”. For some reason,  I asked specifically to see about a person from my past, which I had been dreaming about for months. Immediately after losing conscience i was spirited away to a greenish-blue tinted realm. The person in question was suddenly standing before me holding his little boy. He showed him to me all the while beaming with pride and  love. His feelings were so strong – he seemed to radiate them…I felt what he was feeling, as if this were my son too. For a while, time stood still,  as if in a trance, but suddenly I had knowledge of what was happening and became afraid. I was instantaneously sucked back into my bedroom. Upon waking I discovered that I was still filled with, or basking in, those lovely emotions I had experienced in my dreamlike state, but I thought it was merely a dream concocted by my imagination, so I dissmissed the experience.  

The next night while in bed i again asked for a sign. I asked in prayer to the universe to meet my spirit guide. After falling asleep, I immediately “awoke” to another state of consciousness. Sounds strange but that is the best way for me to idescribe this. This time I did not leave to go anywhere. A window to some other world appeared before me instead. I saw into this room with no ceiling. It seemed to be made of clouds and had no furniture in it. In this room were a group of women very similar looking to one another – like clones. They surrounded me in a u shaped pattern with one of them occupying the center and seemed to be of a race of people unlike any Ive seen before, yet undeniably human. The closest approximation I can come up with is that they looked similar to Native American Indians or Egyptians with very coppery brown complexions and jet black hair. 

They were dressed in somewhat regal attire and all looked upon me, smiling gently. They seemed to be waiting…I sensed that the woman at the center was the main…guide person. Her demeanor was of immense wisdom, calm, and nurturing. She nodded to me as my mind tried to grasp all of this. I was very captivated by her gaze and sensed a familiarity to myself there. I felt as if I were looking at a representation of my self, or an aspect of me. I also had a feeling of being at home as with family. Well, I again became afraid once reality poked through and I awoke suddenly. 

I woke up feeling the presence of several “beings” even stronger than before, and they seemed to speak to me through my thoughts. I would pose a question in my mind and an answer or suggestion would materialize out of thin air. My daily life became filled with a wisdom, clarity, and confidence that I felt I had not earned. This continued for a few weeks.  Out of concern for my sanity, I shunned all experiences of a spiritual nature. I was so very unhappy with my life and experiencing crisis after crisis at the time. I convinced myself that those experiences were completely the projection of my subconscious.

But several months later, i used facebook to contact the person from my past. I had not seen or heard of him in almost a decade. It turns out he does have a son who has the exact characteristics of the child in my dream – same age, hair and eye color, lips, etc.  The guy also looked the same as in my dream, balding and heavy set, having aged quite a bit since I last saw him. This reaffirmed my beliefs in the nature of reality and that we truly are spiritual beings having a coporeal existence. It also served as the last domino in the events that set into motion this process of my personal evolution. 

Since then I have asked to be in contact with my guide(s)  unsuccessfully, but I believe that they are always with me regardless. I think that was the whole reason behind them showing in the first place – so that I would know that I am never alone. 

Lynn August 25, 2012 at 11:00 am

I don’t think there’s been a recurring character in my dreams. I did have a lucid dream last week that included a character from a television show I like to watch. In the dream, he and I were laughing like old friends. (which we aren’t in my waking life btw) Do spirit guides ever appear in familiar forms? Do spirit guides visit your lucid dreams? Do spirit guides change appearance?

Angela June 12, 2014 at 10:31 am

Yes. Spirit guides sometime will come to you in a form that is “safe”, or that you will perceive them as “safe”. You see their goal is to comunicate not scare you, so if you really like, oh, i don’t know, a character on a TV show, your guide can appear as this character. Your guide felt you needed a good laugh. I’m glad you were able to enjoy this. They can also asume characters in TV shows in order to get a message across.

I’ll tell you about a dream i recently had. I was concerned whether or not my work contract would be renewd, so after my evening meditation (was a chakra balancing meditation) I wrote in my dream journal ” What’s going to happen to me at work” I know, weird wording, any way this was my dream:

Im at a banquet with Lady Diana and a bunch of other people, we are sitting at a long “L” shape table with white flowing table clothes. We had just finished our meals and music begins to play in the background, its indistictive at first. Lady Diana stands up, she is wearing a diamond tiara, long elbow lengh white gloves, matching choker, earing,s ring, and bracelet, and beautiful cobolt blue sparkly evening gown. She invitest everyone to dance. Nick Stokes from CSI Las Vegas, walks up to me, put his hand on my shoulder and whispers in my ear ” I want you for fathers day” and i say OK. He walks away. Lady Diana makes a motion for everyone to join her on the dance floor, Nick comes back, takes me by the hand and says ” Dance with me” and I say ” I don’t dance” and he smiles and says “You do tonight” as he takes my hand and pulls me onto the dance floor while George Strait is singing “Carried Away”.

Now you may be thinking, all right, you go girl!!! No, not even close. You see, and this is important, I’ll tell you why in a moment.
In the dream it’s Nick Stokes, not George Eads. Its the CSI character. I work in Mexio, to the equivalent of the USDA’s FSIS (Food Safety Inspection Services), which are CSI (Consumer Saftey Inspector) and Federal DVM’s, our job is to certify that the food exported or imported from one country to the other is “Safe”.

My guide takes the form of CSI Nick Stokes to let me know that my contract will be renewed and he also decides that it’s time for me to relax and stop worring so much about a ton of other things going on in my life at that same time, so he dances with me. In real life, i can’t dance to save my life!!!. So when your guides come to and just want to “hang out”, go for it, enjoy it, because i garantee it will be one of the best night’s sleep ever.

Take care,


Megan August 27, 2012 at 12:01 pm

Following a meeting I had with a medium who asked me if I was a medium mySelf as she could see spirits trying to contact me on behalf of others, I started to practice Spiritualism and have since became more and more aware of spirits around me. Sometimes they come to me in my dreams and others when I may be doing anything from taking a bath to doing shopping, they don’t always come at the most convenient times. I have started becoming more and more interested in spirit guides, and I am now learning how to speak to others spirit guides, I lately have been experiencing a tall figure of a man, normally when I have just fallen asleep he will come to me, stands beside me then dissapears without saying anything, upon seeing the man I feel awake and as though someone has pushed or nudges me to wake up, after this I will go back to sleep and the same thing will happen another three times the same night, it disturbs my sleep and it’s frustrating not being able to talk to him, and the fact he won’t talk to me, just stands looking at me. Has anyone else had a similiar experience?

Lauren April 15, 2013 at 3:54 pm

Last night I was solidly asleep dreaming about something totally non-related, when all of a sudden I just opened my eyes and saw a man (late 30’s possibly) dressed in all white standing on the other side the bed near my husband. It was almost if in mid-dream I felt as if someone was ‘watching’ me and I woke up instantly. The look on his face was almost that of surprise to see me awake looking at him, he then was gone in the blink of an eye. I have no idea if it was my spirit guide or my husbands, but I definately get the feeling he is a guide. It startled me obviously, but I don’t have a ‘bad’ feeling from the expirience. In the past year or so, my husband and I have gone through some very very difficult life altering expiriences, which is getting much better.. But I wonder why only now he chose to ‘present’ himself? Strange.. !

Amy September 5, 2013 at 8:10 pm

I just had a similar experience this morning – young guy, white shirt that I have never seen before. Touched my leg and spoke to me – I am not sure what this is.

Heather May 11, 2013 at 3:52 pm

I have had the same dream since i was 9 years old. In the dream I am walking on the beach looking out at the water. When I look ahead I see a beautiful Native American man coming toward me on a horse. When I start to run toward him he gets off the horse and comes to me. He hugs me and and then looks into my eyes before we turn to look out at the water. Although he looks right at me I have never remembered his face. I am never afraid only so happy that he finally found me… The dream was the same through my teens and twenties, and then I do not remember having it for awhile. About six months or so ago I had the dream again. This time however when he looked at me I could see his face very clearly. He looked into my eyes a long time and something changed. Not sure if it because I am older now, but I had an over powering feeling of love and recognition. This time the hug was fierce (in a good way), and felt like I had found who I was looking for, or maybe he found me I really don’t know. What I do know is that when I woke I was so happy and my heart fet like it would burst. I am a very scientific and spirtually minded person so I am not sure what these things mean. I did however, ask my priest if God shows you a person before you meet them so that you will know them when you see them again. To this day I am not sure why I asked, but I just have this feeling that we are supposed to find each other outside of the dream. I feel so crazy even talking about this, and after 30 years I would really love to hear someone elses take on my dream.

evan July 28, 2013 at 6:25 pm

im enjoying all of these dreams here.

i think yours is your spirit guide, and you are very in tune, do not feel crazy, i dont feel you will meet him in “life” but perhaps when you “die”, maybe this man was your true love or twin flame, very beautiful dream none the less. peace to you

Dreamer July 22, 2013 at 10:35 am

It’s strange, I believe I encountered two spiritual guides in human form in my dream last night
One was a woman, slender, black…I don’t remember her facial features or what she really looked like. The second was a man. Tall, slender in a tan trench coach who appeared to float down from the ceiling to talk to me.

I was drawn to both of them who at one point in the dream told me it was important for me to be aware of my wedding date they said was the day before the shooting. I responded yes I know I thought of that
(Almost sensing a national event, not personal that would give my wedding day a bad reference point)

I was busy in the dream searching for lost luggage at may have been a bus station when the woman approached. She took my hand and led me to a couch to sit and talk to me…but nothing was said we just sat there for a moment then she got up yo walk away through a crowd and made the comment about a November wedding.
I felt compelled to search them out for more advice.answers buy nothing.
I wanted to tell them I knew my mother was with me. She passed on1995 so this was strange. Also I have Been happily married for three years but I remember the female spirit specifically saying the month November…which is the month I married.

I didn’t feel scared but intrigued and wanted to be with them longer to talk about more but it was almost like they had a quick message and then had to go. But what message were they trying to give me?

I work in news so the shooting may have been something I remembered from the broadcast the night before???Not sure, it did make me feel like I am being protected.

When I woke up I was bleeding. Like a menstrual bleed which is also weird because I rarely have periods anymore because of my mirena BC.

Any suggestions on what this all means? Did i meet my spirit guides, guardian angels?I am way out of my league here.

evan July 28, 2013 at 6:37 pm

my girl broke up with me after 5 years, it was on its way for a while because i held insecurities that i needed her to nourish and help me heal, but she was so quiet, and abruptly told me to leave. i am still heart broken, but getting better, i am very spiritual. and very into divine law and the things happening behind the scenes in the world. btw the pope is the head of the world, papal bulls 1484, unrebutted to this day, little known fact. the new pope just issued an apostolic letter holding all persons liable without immunity effective sept. 1st. weve been working and waiting for major world changes for so long. so thats the very brief background.

ive had alot of dream/premonitions come true, some BIG ones just recently, regarding the breakup being needed and on track.

so the other night i got a text from my ex saying yes its over, and i was deep in thought of letting go and whats next, and i asked my spirit guides to contact me in my dreams, that night all i remember dream wise was a very loud text from my ex, saying – 38 days! i dont feel it was from her higher self, i think it was my spirit guide telling me dont worry so much about her now, i added up the days and it comes to aug 31, the day before sept.1, the day the popes letter is effective. i think we are on the verge of major global change, and that has been my path for 4 years now, something that my ex understood but became bitter about from seeing little results.

i appreciate all of these wonderful posts here, and i have to say they are similar to my experiences, i think if you have a very pressing issue on your mind, and you ask for guidance, you shall receive. peace to all of you

Rachel August 3, 2013 at 12:49 pm

I was glad to find this article. I believe I’ve had connections with spirit guides during dreams in the past, but last night was something different. In a part of my dream, a group of us were sitting, waiting in a monastery type building. At one point, I got up to wander around and while I walked, I felt like I was being pulled by a force into one or two of the rooms. When I connected this to energies, I realized some were positive and some were negative. I felt scared and went to go speak with the old lady who ran the group/ event. She told me that she didn’t realized initially that I had become spiritual. She sat me down and told me not to be afraid and to embrace it. She said there are three types of energies: 1. Negative 2. Positive and 3. Your Own. Don’t be nervous to explore them; they can’t hurt you. Be brave and use the gift you have.

sara brady December 15, 2013 at 1:30 pm

I have had same dream for 4 years..a indian man un my doorway..looking straight at me..i run to him and jump into his arms and he embraces me and he smiles..never speaks to me..just smiles..

Andrea March 17, 2014 at 10:43 pm

I had a dream where I was taking a test with the rest of a class in what looked like an old church. It was very dim and dusty looking. We were all wearing clothes from “back in the day”, like a long off white nightgown with sleeves. I was in the middle of taking this test when I am taken aside by an older woman, also dressed in the same kind of outfit. Telepathically she tells me that she wants to “see what I know” and she touches my hand. At that very moment I felt and saw a blue electric current pulsing through my body. I didn’t fear it. I just sank back into the pew. I remember her being very impressed. Then I woke up. This dream was months ago and to this day I remember it very clearly. Can someone please help me with this? I can’t find anything similar online. The electric current felt so real. Thank you.

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Sam June 23, 2014 at 11:23 pm

I would love to know what you think about spirit guides in relation to nightmares. I can remember a few calm and peaceful dreams in my life that held special significance, but I have moreso been plagued by nightmares. When I was younger there would always be sharks in my dreams, and now I continue to have them with bears, spiders, wolves, creatures and evil people. I survived an abusive childhood but am very happy now. My children and I always share our dreams, but I would like to have nicer ones to share with them.

The bears always are very significant to me because my abuser was my mother. She shared a nightmare before about a polar bear which still bothers her to the present day.

Angela June 24, 2014 at 11:39 am

Hi Sam,

Nightmares usually have to do with your inner fears. In Native American Medicine, animals are usually guides that are meant to help you on your life path. They help you understand that everything that happens has a reason and an outcome.

The Bear is very significant, but only you can say for sure what it means to you. In traditional Native American Medicine, Bear represents a number or qualities that you might find within your self. Once you learn to see Bear as a friend and not a Foe, and identify with his strnghts. ( You may want to try to see a documentary on bears,) you’ll find they are very strong, independent, protective of their young and they hibernate. This means they need time for themselves to go to the dream world. They feed on just about anything, and they have good memories, they belong to the same zoological branch as the dog, so they are loyal and faithful and can be trained.

Since your mother also has issues with bears, it could be that you are of the “BEAR CLAN”. It might be good for you to read up about this.

Spiders and wolves are also very significant in native American Lore. Wolves mate for life, they are very smart and will stay clear of humans if they know they will be harmed.

Spiders make webs that can trap “bad dreams” and keep the “evil spirits” away. That is why you shouldn’t kill them but take them outside and let them go when you find them in the house.

These are just some of the things I, personally, give significance to these animals, but if you want to know more and from a real native American Shaman you should read “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews. It is a book that you can read to your children, in tune with the tradition of talking and sharing dreams, are you native American? You might have been in another life.

The most important thing you must remember about Guides is they are here to guide you, help you understand your life path and some of the lessons are very hard and others are very simple. But they are always GOOD.

People in your dreams can be aspects of yourself you don’t recognize, personality traits that you need to change or incorporate to the one.

usually once you deal with these issues, or understand why they are, they go away. And eventually the nitemares go away with them.

When I was 3 or 4 years old I would have terrible nitemares that stayed with me until I was old enough to understand them. They turned out to be past life memories, once I recognized them for what they were and realized they couldn’t harm me they went away.

I feel your guides are native american, I would sugest you read up on some of the Lore and Traditions, dreams are very important and are full of messages and lessons but more importantly anwseres.

I’m not sure this answers your question I am having issues with my comunication skills, so if it’s confusing please let me know.

Love, Laugh, Live.

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Liz July 30, 2014 at 2:45 pm

So I found this post this morning after doing a bit of research after a dream I had and so now I figure I’ll tell about it to see what you guys think. 🙂 anyway, here it goes:
This requires a but of background info before I get to the dream so just bear with me (excuse me if I start to ramble.)
Lately, I’ve been having a bit of inner turmoil, most of which regards a religious matter and a few other things and becuase of it, my anxiety has been worse than usual. Usually, I think about these things before I go to bed, making me distraught and sad but last night I didn’t.
When I was younger,(and even now, I’ll admit I still like it ha) I loved Pokemon. Last night I found my binder full of Pokemon cards and started looking through it. I found my favorite card of my favorite Pokemon and got slammed pretty hard by the nostalgia train. I took it out, put it on my desk, and then went to bed. Ok now we finally get to the dream. As someone mentioned, one’s spirit guide can appear as a familiar or comforting form, and, I believe I had one of those cases.
It started out with me being in a cave full of purple crystals with that Pokemon from the card along with me. While I was standing there with him I knew then that we were long time friends and after that moment we would not see each other for a very very long time; I knew he knew this too.
Flash forward in the dream, I found myself walking around some strange place that I couldn’t quite describe. There were people sitting at different tables and I could see their auras. As I walked around I saw one aura that was particularly bright and I walked to it; I could not see who it belonged to. I sat down at the table that person was sitting at and suddenly I could see them, it was the Pokemon from the cave. as I looked at him I could tell that he was waiting there for a very long time. He told me that he would be right back, got up and walked away. He was gone for such a long time that I decided to go look for him.
I found myself in a cave again, not knowing how I got there. Sure enough I found him. He said he was hiding and explain it was quite easy to do so. We talked for a bit but then suddenly I found myself falling. I was not afraid because I felt a very comforting and warm presence beside me and when I hit the ground I knew I was dying and I was ok with it.
As I lay on the ground, the Pokemon sat calmly next to me and looked at me right in the eye and I knew I knew him, and I suddenly remembered the beginning of the dream in the cave and that I had finally found my old friend. I asked him if he remembered me or if he knew me, he said yes and then I told him that I had been looking for him for a very long time and he said he knew. He put his hand on the center of my chest which caused incredible pain to shoot through my chest. He asked me if it hurt and I said it did. He told me this exactly: “you will be okay, the fair folk always make it through” (which confused me, even in my dream, because I know that elves are called “the fair folk” and I am obviously no elf haha) he looked at me, and I knew he was reading my aura, just as I did to him (though that may have something to do with the fact that that Pokemon has that ability anyway?) anyway, I then took his hand (or paw I should really say) in mine and I then closed my eyes, knowing that I probably would not see him again for a very long time. After that, I woke up.
As I lay in bed, still feeling that very same comforting presence that he radiated, I suddenly knew that that was my spirit guide, (Though I don’t know where that thought came from because I know nothing on the subject of spirit guides.) I also knew that he was trying to help comfort me because I’m sure he knew how I’ve been feeling lately. I find this dream so strange because it was as vivid as real life, though my dream are normally vivid, they never feel this real.
Sorry for the novel, I tried to keep it as short as possible. Feel free to tell me what you think of this, I myself am still trying to sort out the meaning, especially the fact that he said I was one of the “fair folk” , I find that part equally interesting and perplexing and am curious as to what it means. Thanks for your time 🙂

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Direna Lunesca December 28, 2014 at 3:46 pm

My spirit guides have appeared to me in several dreams, one happened in my 20’s which I have never forgotten. I dreamt I was on a rise overlooking the sea. It was nighttime and very dark out. Suddenly I felt a man’s arms from behind me, wrapping me in a hug. I was flooded with a sense of comfort and security. and suddenly realized that this was what I had been looking for all my life.

Since then I have had not only more dreams, but a few visions and quite regularly now, telepathic communications (voices in my head). These voices are my soul guides talking to me, and I understand that the early dream was a sign from my own personal soul guide who is leading me to the future that was predicted in that early dream.

Sara January 9, 2015 at 3:33 pm

Hi. I think I have had two visitations dreams lately.
Only today I have found out about visitation dreams… I had never heard about them before.
I have always been interested in dreams, though.
I am 17 years old and very fond of 60s rock music and art. Months ago I was really keen on The doors and especially Jim Morrison, but these days I don’t listen to them as much as before. So,one night, Jim Morrison appears in a dream of mine. I know it was a special dream, before it made me feel so inspired, my heartbeat racing, I felt totally in love and filled with such a joy I had not felt for years, really.
So, Jim Morrison appears, doesn’t say a word, but simply sits next to me, gently puts his arm around my shoulders while I am eating with friends feeling very cold. He gave me reassurance and love. It was amazing, because I have not listened to Morrison and Doors for quite a long time, and here he is, making me remember of his influence on me.
And I know this dream I will remember forever, cause it was too powerful! It felt too real!
By the way, just some nights ago, I seem to have had another visitation dream. These days I just had a even much moooooore vivid, amazing, ssplendid

amberlynn January 24, 2015 at 5:35 pm

My friend Henry (who I used to date for many years) just died in a single motorcycle accident. A couple of days afterwards I cried myself to sleep and in my dream I seen him walking around town talking to random people and telling them bye. I stayed there at the pizza parlor waiting for him “when it was my turn already” finally he came up to me and I grabbed his arm and he said “come on baby I’m gonna take you for a ride around the block”. We continued to walk around town arm in arm till we got to my grandfathers house (my papa has been passed away for 12 years). Henry told “come on baby I got to talk to your grandfather” and i told him you cant cause my papa is in heaven. then Henry said “no he isn’t he’s at his house, now come on I don’t want to be late.” When we got to my papas house there was tons of water from huge sprinkles in the front yard and there was water (almost like rain) coming down on us everywhere. there was huge piles of sand or dirt in the front yard and there was a lot of people working very quickly in the front. The people all had on blue shirts and they didn’t have faces. My papa was on a ladder and came to us and I told Henry that i didn’t want to go any closer cause I didn’t want to get wet. He said “i promise you wont get wet, come on lets go”. So my papa came to us and said “Hun you gotta let him go ” I told my papa I didn’t want to let him go and everything wont be okay. And Henry said “I got to go baby, I promise I will see you soon” and my papa had to take my arm off of Henry and he went inside the house and said “I love you baby and we will see each other soon”. Then I watched him go into the house and I didn’t follow after him cause for some reason I knew that i didn’t belong in there.

amberlynn January 24, 2015 at 5:44 pm

After my dream of my friend who just recently passed the next morning I was trying to keep myself busy by getting all my nail polishes out and paint my nails. I was sitting there thinking about my friend and when I used to text him from radom phone numbers and he would ask me “how do I know its you?” I said you will know its me cause I will put 2 hearts after the text. Then all of a sudden one of my nail polishes exploded and poured out on a towel. The top part of the glass came perfectly off and poured out what looks like two little hearts that are connected. When I sat there and looked at the spilt out polish I could hear my friends voice in my head saying “you will know its me when you see the two hearts.” I saved the towel with the polish still in it so when i tell people my story I can show the real thing.

Lee June 7, 2015 at 6:08 pm

I take the bus to work daily, public transport is very popular here where I live, so at first I thought was a random dream, coz I take the bus etc. But the end of the dream changed my perspective, it made me wonder. I am at a very low i my life, yet I believe in tomorrow and it’s possibilities, I believe the sun will always shine again, which brings me to this dream. I dreamt I got off of the bus and started walking home when I realized I had forgotton my laptop bag on the bus with my purse and other very important items inside. I was devastated and stared to run after the bus… faster and faster I ran as the bus speeded up. I knew that if I lost the bus out of sight I would lose my whole life in that bag so I kept running faster and faster, I had to get to the bus. I was terrified but had to keep on running… faster and faster while yelling, ” wait! I forgot something on the bus, please stop!!” Somehow I got closer and closer, determined to get to the bus, nothing could stop me…. the next moment I was within reach and grabbed onto whatever I could to hang on! Thats when the bus driver saw me and stopped. He let me in, eyes big, staring at me. I quickly grabbed my bag, so relieved, I said thank you so many times because I knew how lucky I was. I thanked him one more time before getting out of the bus for his unscheduled emergency stop, turned around and walked away… but that was not the end… what got stuck in my mind is that the driver didnt pull away straight away, he hooted and called me closer, leaned out the window. He just looked at me with amazement and said “you are very courageous for you never gave up, you just kept running and never let go, brave indeed you are”… thats when I woke up… so real, so much detail, as if every moment was real… weird dream???

Hillary November 17, 2015 at 1:24 am

So last night I had a dream where a Native American man was speaking to me and all I could see was his face. The conversation seemed really long but all I remember is him telling me to put my hand on my heart. Then he told me to go to the doctor. I don’t remember anything else that he said and I’m trying not to overthink this or freak myself out. I asked to have my spirit guide or guides please reveal themselves to me about a week ago and I’m wondering if this is related to that request. I don’t really feel afraid, and I was comforted by the man. I’m 26 and am pretty healthy.. Does anyone have any insight on this? I’m going to ask for another message tonight and some clarity on the meaning of his advice as well.

cheri Craddock January 27, 2016 at 7:10 pm

I dreamt that i moved in a house. One lady (dressed in clothes from the 1800’s-farmer woman.)
Was in the attic “apartment”. She appeared out of no where but looked very real as if she lived there. I addled her if she lived up there and and she said… something about being there and ready for a party. I knew she was a ghost.
Another lady and her child (modernly dressed) entered the house stating that dinner is already cooking (i was cooking brots).
It felt as if i was in her house. They looked vet real as well. I didn’t know them in my waking life. And they were not scary.. no messages where relayed. But i knew they were ghosts..
What kind of dream is this

cheri Craddock January 27, 2016 at 11:26 pm

I dreamt that i moved in a house. One lady (dressed in clothes from the 1800’s-farmer woman.)
Was in the attic “apartment”. She appeared out of no where but looked very real as if she lived there. I addled her if she lived up there and and she said… something about being there and ready for a party. I knew she was a ghost.
Another lady and her child (modernly dressed) entered the house stating that dinner is already cooking (i was cooking brots).
It felt as if i was in her house. They looked vet real as well. I didn’t know them in my waking life. And they were not scary.. no messages where relayed. But i knew they were ghosts..
What kind of dream is this

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