Why pregnancy makes you psychic aka: your brain on intuition

Why pregnancy makes you psychic aka: your brain on intuition

by Lindsay on October 3, 2012

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Two hearts beat as one

A couple weeks ago, I was cycling home from work when I got a clear vision of my mailbox in my mind. It had two yellow envelopes sticking out of it – one big and one small. I was even able to ‘see’ the contents of one of those envelopes: it contained a spare set of keys my sister had mistakenly taken home to Pennsylvania with her when she was here visiting. Now, I was still a good 15 minutes away from home when I ‘saw’ the mailbox. And I didn’t even know my Mom had mailed me the keys. But as soon as I got home I checked my mailbox and it looked exactly as I’d seen it. And sure enough, the bigger yellow envelope contained my keys.

A friend of mine was having a health crisis, and I accompanied her to the emergency room. As we sat in the room, I knew…just knew that everything was going to be okay. No amount of tears or pain or struggling was going to convince me that the outcome was going to be what she feared. I told her with 100% conviction that everything was okay. Something was telling me it was okay: and it was.

As an empath, I can easily feel the emotions of those around me. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. Since becoming pregnant, my empath abilities have kicked it up a notch (or ten). I feel others’ feelings even more deeply. I feel the emotional pain and angst of animals, people on television and especially of those around me. Everything feels magnified, intensified and deep-ified (I know, I know…not a word).

And that’s not all:

  • I see 3:33 every day, without fail
  • I think of people and hear from them the same day
  • I just ‘know’ what someone’s next move is going to be or the next sentence that comes out of their mouth before they speak it.
  • I’ve entered 5 contests so far during this pregnancy…and won three of them. My baby must come with a golden horseshoe or have a 4-leaf clover in there with her! Or maybe it’s just that I have a stronger connection with the Universe and know which contests I’m meant to win? Please oh please oh please let it be the lottery next time! 

What can I attribute this heightened sense of intuition to? 

In typical pregnant woman fashion, I find myself forgetting words, simple words everyone ‘should’ know. I’ve embarrassed myself on more than one occasion. This makes me think about the frequency at which my pregnant brain is operating, and wonder if that’s at all related to intuition. Can my heightened intuition also be explained in the same way my pregnancy brain is? 

Intuition comes through best when we are relaxed and receptive. When we’re embroiled in fear or worry, it can’t come through as easily. So maybe it’s my relaxed and happy state during pregnancy that is bringing all of this about.

Intuition is linked to brainwave frequency: in beta (stress-related or goal-oriented thinking), our brainwaves are rapid and fast-moving. In alpha  (brought on through meditation or relaxing activity), our brainwaves slow, and become more synchronous with those around us. We literally “tune in”.

This tells me the key to increasing intuition is being more relaxed, getting your brain to spend more time in alpha than beta. Staying calm, open and letting go of fear and worry.

In what moments do you find your intuition strongest? If you have ever been pregnant, did your intuition increase during your pregnancy? 

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anonymouse October 3, 2012 at 10:11 pm

I know it’s counter intuitive, but I seem more ‘tuned in’ when I am sleepy or have had a few glasses of wine! Pregnancy had the dialed up effect as well. Immediately post pregnancy remains brought one of the most oddly realistic, comforting dreams I have had I think were somehow past relatives of mine offering support. neat stuff. Too many little coincidences to list but noticeable. I miss it, that and the thick hair and bigger boobs.

I have been seeing a lot of 3:33 lately as well as 5:55! 555 according to doreen virtue’s site stated basically 5:55 was ‘big change coming’ which is super, I want it (unless..it’s chaos?) I emailed a question to you both on this offer partly because of this supposed impending change. The 3:33 is kinda cool. Except when I woke up one night/morning at..3:33. I then recalled that awful Exorcism of Emily rose movie and remembered the 3:33 is the demonic hour or something in the movie. AW SH*T! ha. Anyway, my little girl was born at..3:33 on the dot, and I remember hearing somewhere that 333 was somehow auspicious in Chinese lore. I might have to find more sites on the significance of these repeating numbers. just the 3s and 5s seem to be happening though! Enjoy the pregnancy.

Lindsay October 4, 2012 at 3:21 pm

I keep wondering if my baby is going to be born at 3:33 – I can’t figure out why I keep seeing it! Usually when I do it means something BIG is going to happen in my life. I suppose the birth of my baby is big enough! lol

I lol’d when you mentioned remembering that awful movie and what 333 meant in it! I don’t think it means that (hope)!

My friend Laura has a great website with numbers explanations: http://www.intuitivejournal.com – hop on over there and see if any of the explanations resonate with you! 555 used to be “my” sequence but I haven’t seen much of it lately. You and I must be on the same wavelength, though!

PS – I am NOT enjoying my big boobs! It seems every time I get a new bra, I outgrow it! Grrr…

Julie | A Clear Sign October 4, 2012 at 6:47 am

I followed my first major intuitive hit when I was deciding what to do about the birth of my first son. I didn’t know what it was at the time. Then pg brain took over for years until sometime after I had my final kid. Always searching for the word, looking like a gasping fish, forgot math, and I swore I lost 30 IQ points. I really never expected to find them again. Well technically I guess I never will be “the same” or as sharp, but what seems to have come in its place is Intuitive Brain. I guess you just never know what will happen when you mess with hormones!

Lindsay October 4, 2012 at 3:23 pm

I never knew math to begin with, but now I’d be surprised if I can count to 1,000 without getting lost. LOL Oh, pregnancy brain! To hear it only gets worse scares me for myself AND my child. 😉

What was your intuitive hit about Fred’s birth? Do I know this story? Feels familiar but I’m not sure…

Susan S. October 4, 2012 at 2:42 pm

What a cool thing to recognize! In fact, yes, when I was pregnant with my son, I had 2 really distinct intuitive things happen. One was having a vivid dream where I learned that he was a boy- confirmed several weeks later by ultrasound. And the other was when he wasn’t doing well in my womb (for no obvious reason), and after not feeling him kick one day, intuition got me moving in an interesting way.

I was considering waiting until the next day to call my midwife, but then, the more I tried to put it off, the more I felt like a tiger in a cage, pacing back and forth, getting more and more agitated, until I called my midwife. Eight hours later, my son was delivered by c-section and was flown to a major hospital where they could support him for the next 3 weeks, until he could come home.

Lindsay October 4, 2012 at 3:24 pm

Oh my gosh Susan that gave me chills! Nothing beats a mama’s intuition, eh? I still say even 32 years later, my mom always senses/knows when something is up with me. I’m so glad you listened to your heart and intuition when your son needed it most. <3

When you dreamt of him - did you dream he told you he was a boy or you dreamt of his birth? I am so curious about pregnancy dreams. I've had some wild ones!

Anonymouse October 6, 2012 at 12:03 pm

Oh- pregnancy dream, this is funny- only had it for my daughter I didn’t know the sex of my son before they sonogram tested. I was walking past a huge L shaped neon sign L shaped sign w/letters. It spelled ‘DAUGHTER’ literally ‘spelled out for me’ as it were. In the dream I yelled ‘What the goddamned hell name is that for a restaurant?” I speak like a fishwife even in dream land. And then woke up, remembered the dream and said ‘ok, so a girl?’ This was a dream after me kvetching about waiting another few weeks to get the sex scan done.

Aubrey Mohandessi February 28, 2015 at 8:35 pm

Everyone is born with an empathic sense. Mirror neurons make it possible to feel other people’s pain. This ability is hard wired into our brains, although our awareness of it may vary.

The term empath is from the original Star Trek TV series and has now a new agey meaning applied to it.

Whatever you focus on expands, so if you focus on your intuition and natural intuitive instincts which everyone has, naturally they become more magnified. If you ignore your intuition, it decreases.

Humans and even dogs have an inate sense of time. Seeing 1:11, 3:33 such times on a clock simply means subconsciously you are fixed to look at the clock at that specific time because subconsciously it is on your mind from focusing on it and applying some significance to it. Just as people wake up the same time in the morning without use of a clock, you can “just by chance” as it would appear to look at a clock at these times in a regular basis.

Just as when you buy a new car and suddenly you see your car on the road everywhere where as before you hadn’t.

Our minds and awareness work this way, and knowing that we can use this natural abilities to enhance our existence and experience of life. However, making these abilities seem as supernatural or more significant then simply [this is how the human mind works] is from a place of ego not of understanding and true awareness.

Stephanie March 22, 2015 at 11:07 am

I Don’t normally believe is phycic abaility but something just happens to me the.felt so real..

I just woke up from a vivid dream….
My grandma has been passed away for a couple years now and we still have her ashes on The shelf with my dad…

I was sitting there watching tv with her and a German Shepard…I think it was my.aunt Therese s retired police dog Athena…when there’s a nock at the door…a man in a hazmat suit says we.need to evacuate….the dog is somehow a ready on its leash…I look over to her and before I can say and thing she calmly.puts out her ciggarette and says…I’m living in a lap of.luxury here I ain’t going any where…she looked at peace and unaffraid…I start sobbimy and begging…give her a hug..she says do me a favor take Athena withand you stop that crying your a Myers woman…then suddenly I feel strong grab the dog and walk away…

when I wake up I’ve been sweating and crying in my sleep ..I am 19weeks pregnant so its hard to tell if this was her trying to give me a chance to say good bye or if I’m just so stretched thin from lack of sleep and so.much puking…

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