The grandfather and the great blue heron

The grandfather and the great blue heron

by Lindsay on May 19, 2013

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Today’s article is inspired by Heather’s letter to me, below. My deepest thanks go out to Heather for sharing her story! My answers to her questions are below. 

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 8.18.53 PMThe past year or so has been the most difficult of my adult life. Mainly because I lost my grandfather in March of last year. As a result, my priorities have gotten mixed up, I’ve neglected relationships I should have nurtured and pursued unhealthy ones. My career is very unstable at the moment and I’ve felt very disconnected from the person I used to be. In the last few months, I’ve been trying very hard to correct that. Usually, I find a healthy outlet through writing but even that has been blocked this past year. So, once the weather turned warm, I decided to try gardening.

Yesterday, I was outside in the colder than average temps, transplanting some day lilies. Then, near the edge of my garden, I unearthed a green glass marble. I feel like this is a message from someone, possibly my grandfather. I have no idea what it means specifically, but believe in my heart that it is a good omen. I guess my question is, is it possible for spirits of those we love to communicate with us in such a physical way? I put the marble on my night stand and plan to keep it as a good luck charm.

Also, my sister and I took my grandmother and mother out to lunch on Saturday, as an early Mother’s Day gift. After we left the restaurant, I drove my grandmother in my grandfather’s car (she can’t get into my mom’s Jeep very well) and my mom and sister followed us in the other vehicle. A little ways down a windy, wooded road, a huge bird swooped down and flew just above the car I was driving, right along with us for maybe a mile. I even pointed it out to my grandmother, but from our angle I could only see the giant wingspan. Later, my mother told me that she saw it from behind us, and that it was a blue heron.

Could this have been another message from my grandfather? Possibly, “Hey! Be careful driving my car!”

If so, that was two messages/signs within two days. And how you separate out the wishful thinking from the actual messages? I so much want to feel my grandfather’s energy near me, I’m afraid I may be making it up. Do you have any thoughts or ideas on this matter?


My response:

Spirit absolutely speaks to us through physical signs and animal totems. My deceased grandmother speaks to me and my mom through dimes. Hundreds of people have emailed me over the past couple years to tell me their stories of finding dimes – messages they feel are from loved ones on the other side. If you feel it in your heart and soul that it’s a message from your grandfather, trust that it is. 

Our deceased relatives and Spirit Guides speak to us all of the time – whether or not we notice it is up to us. It is rare that Spirit speaks to us in words. Most often messages are carried to us by intermediaries, representatives of Spirit — animals, birds, small physical tokens. Spirit can easily get our attention in this way. It’s up to us to pay attention, and trust that it is from our loved ones.

How to separate wishful thinking from actual messages

This is a common question, and I think it’s something all of us – even those who are used to working with Spirit – have asked ourselves. I always say: don’t think about it too much. If your initial, gut reaction is that the green marble is from your grandfather, then it is. It is only when our conscious minds – our egos – start getting involved in the thought process that we begin to doubt that it’s a real message and wonder if it’s our imagination. Listen to your gut, initial reaction.

As for these two events happening in the span of two days, Heather – in my experience these signs often come in twos. Because Spirit knows we are going to doubt it and wonder if we’re making these things up, they give us a second sign/chance/answer. Your grandfather wanted you to know that it was him who left the marble, so he spoke to you through the blue heron as confirmation. It is especially telling since he chose to come to you when you were with your grandmother.

Readers – what do you think? Have you ever had these experiences? How do you separate your imagination from true messages and signs? 

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Lisa | Practically Intuitive May 19, 2013 at 8:58 am

There is monster truth in this article, Lindsay! Yes, if it feels like communication from loved ones, trust that it is. Because for one, who is going to tell you definitively that it is or isn’t? ONLY YOU can know that for yourself.

As Lindsay says, if it feels that way, accept that it is. It truly is the conscious mind (always working to keep you safe) that allows the questioning. The soul? Trust that voice always.

Love this post! 🙂

Cassandra May 19, 2013 at 9:02 am

I had an experience like this. My mom passed unexpectedly in 2/11 and it hit me very hard. Shortly thereafter I was having a tearful day and my husband took me out for breakfast to get my mind off things. I told him “I just wish I had some sort of sign that she is ok and still with me in some way”.
When we got to the restaurant, my husband pointed out that our server’s name was “Sheila” (my mom’s name) which gave me a sliver of comfort but not much more than a blip on the radar. When we started looking at the menu though, a song came on, an oldie called “Sheila” and the lyrics were, “Sheila says she loves me, she says she’ll never leave me, true love will never die.”
Now THAT I could not ignore! I cried and cried and said “mom I want more!”. My husband said “Now you are just getting greedy!”.

Julie Barrett May 19, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Hi Lindsay, Yes I have had plenty of experiences like this, and I also go with my “first thought” as to who it’s from. Sometimes I don’t initially know, but something will happen in my day-to-day life that gives me a clue as to who it should be connected to. For instance while I am trying to teach my son to read I might get a lot of signs from my Mom, who was an elementary school teacher. The birds flying along beside our cars are another biggie and they tend to come in groups over a couple of days or a week and then disappear. I notice that signs usually come in over a day, a few days, or periodically for a few weeks whenever I am doing the same task or in the same room.

Heather Lamb May 19, 2013 at 12:37 pm

Hello Heather, from another Heather 😉
Your answer to your questions is a resounding YES! Once we learn to quiet our minds and not only be open to messages from spirit but also pay attention to them, you will be astounded by the little synchronicities that will become abundant to you! I recognize signs from spirit on almost a daily basis. When I am upset, frazzled and more in a human “ego” mind rather than a spiritual one, I will not notice nor see any signs. However, when my mind is quiet, reflective and surrendering to whatever the circumstance may be, I am overwhelmed by the amazing signs spirits will bless me with. A few examples…. Last week I was troubled with some ongoing family issues and struggling to stay grounded. Twice in the same day I saw 2 different cars with the same bumper sticker that said, “It’s all good”. I have not seen a sticker like that since. That same day I also saw a license plate that read “shine” – reminding me to be the bright light that I was meant to be. Along the lines of your blue Heron experience, doves are a very common spirit sign for me and they do exactly that – fly in perfect alignment next to my car or right in front of me, landing gently on a telephone wire overhead. Certain songs on the radio are another way spirit calls. Just the right song comes on at the “perfect” time and I will burst into tears at the beauty and subtle nature of spirits gentle calling. Heather, your Grandfather has most likely been sending you signs all along. Now that your awareness is ignited, you will continue to be amazed by the power and sheer awesomeness of spirit in our lives!

anne mccarroll May 19, 2013 at 1:09 pm

L: Your post is probably the fourth article I’ve read about friends and family who have died and sending us messages in the last ten days… It’s a message in itself to me, I know. 😉 I’m so glad you wrote on this!

A close friend died a month ago, and his death has weighed heavily – I’ve not felt this sort of absence – even when my mom and dad died. One particularly trying, lonely day I went for a walk and started remembering how I always wanted to find and bring him a four leaf clover for luck…well, I decided I would that day. If I find one, I thought, it will be for you.

Literally half a step up the walk, there was one at my feet. And then another.

It’s been almost two months since he died, and do you know I find four leaf clovers every day. Every day. It’s just like him to joke with me like this – and I am comforted, as well as in awe of finding them.

Four leaf clovers are some of the most lovely things I’ve ever seen, and they’ve always been my favorite. Rare, and simple. A grand thing to share with a friend who himself was “rare”!

Thanks for the post!

stephanie May 21, 2013 at 1:02 pm

In the Native American spirit totem the Blue Heron is about self reflection… you stated since grandfathers passing you have been trying to “reconnect” with self to find direction, in a state of depression not connecting with family, friends and delving into unhealthy relationships or habits…this is part of the grieving process of losing a loved one, that stability they gave you, their wisdom and guidance. You are now becoming aware of your surrounding again and awaiting to find your purpose once more, sometimes it takes a “life changing” event to get us back on track or on the path of the Good Red Road. The contrary of the heron is the self-serving actions you were involved in of the not so good kind…but now you are walking into the deeper waters with courage and finding yourself once more little by little. Grandfather sent the heron to say “Continue to look within see yourself in the mirrored water and see yourself as loving divine being…take care of yourself…see where your purpose lies waiting for you to take the lead once more.”
Grandfather will always be with you and he will send you messages in this way…I feel he was an animal lover and sent this totem and say’s “I love you, always.” Birds are the messengers from Creator to us…being close to the Earth mother gardening and grounding will bring you back into balance…you are releasing and letting things go that no longer serve you…let the Earth Mother have them as you are tilling the earth…plant with good intentions of new life beginings for yourself, for abundance and prosperity in all things…what you reap you shall sow…In meditation if you are so inclined hold the marble and listen for the answers this marble will give you for of the Earth and it’s elements it came…move forward and go in grace…for you are a child of divine guidance. Aho!

Katia May 28, 2013 at 8:58 pm

This is fascinating, Lindsay! I am so glad we’ve stumbled upon each other’s blogs. I was always very drawn to learning more about the paranormal. I look forward to following your blog and learning more.

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