Where is my soulmate?

by Lindsay on February 14, 2014

in Miscellaneous

soul mateIt’s February – the month of love. The month of chocolates, flowers, mushy cards and other expressions of affection for that special someone

It’s also the month in which The Daily Awe gets the most people visiting, wishing and longing for their soul-mate and wondering where he or she is. Someone recently came to the site after searching, “I’m 36 years old. Where is my soul mate?” As if she’d just had it with waiting – isn’t 36 years long enough?

If I could talk to that individual – and everyone else here wondering if they’ve found “The One” or how to go about it, I’d tell them: stop searching. Your soul mates are right in front of you. Some of them are behind you and some of them, you’ve yet to meet. They’ll come to you at a Divinely guided time. That’s a promise.

Yes, I said “them”, meaning plural. A soul mate doesn’t necessary = a lifelong love. Certainly a soul mate can be a life-long lover and partner. But not always.

Soul mates are: pets, siblings, parents, coworkers, friends, and yes, lovers.

Many people think that soul mate means the one you are predestined to be with forever; that a soul mate is your perfect fit. Many of us live to meet that person – the one who will fit like a glove. My definition of soul mate is not nearly as romantic.  I think of a soul mate as a person who you do “soul work” with — someone who opens your eyes and life to new things, introduces you to a new side of you.

A true soul mate is a person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings your “crap” to your attention so you can change and grow for the better. Soul work involves tackling issues, questions, problems and everything else head-on. A soul mate will open up your heart and mind until you can’t ignore the elephant in the room or brush certain things about yourself under the rug anymore.

A soul mate tears down your barriers and awakens you on some level, revealing another layer of you.

My experience

I’ve had my fair share of challenging relationships. One particular person I dated was what I would consider to be the devil incarnate. But I realized that person’s presence in my life made me take a long, hard look at myself and what kind of energy I’m putting out. The hell I went through with this person shifted the way I was treating myself, others and changed my life completely. Parts of me requested those experiences so I could become who I am today.

Not all crappy relationships are all for naught. In fact, dare I say they all teach us something? Whether or not we learn the lesson and move forward in love and looking for something better is up to us.

Soul mates aren’t about being our other half – instead, soul mates mirror us on how we can be whole within ourselves

Remember: we attract mirrors of ourselves that we need at any given point in time. So if you’re not attracting the kind of person you want to be with, look within and get honest with yourself about what energy  you’re putting out there or what you’re subconsciously asking for.

Happy month of love!

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Jeremy February 15, 2014 at 8:01 pm

Just be awesome, work on our personal development, and love everybody. Love is a verb, anyone can be loved.

Live fully and love openly. 🙂

D'Arci Redditt March 13, 2014 at 5:17 pm

Thank you for putting this information out there, Lindsay. It took me my fair share of relationships (pets, too!) that helped me grow and see myself in different ways, also.

Much love♡


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