When your intuition fails you

by Lindsay on March 20, 2014

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Last weekend, friends of mine were discussing the Year Ahead Readings I’d done for them for 2014. We’re well into March, and much of what their readings said have come to fruition. Toot toot! My friend Laura asked me if I’d done a reading for myself, to which I responded, “No. I can’t do readings for myself like I can others. But I can use my intuition.”

The conversation steered to using our intuition, and how sometimes it seems that it fails us. One of my friends insisted that our intuition can fail us, citing some examples:

  • When you meet a woman you just know is “The One”, only for that relationship to crumble and fall apart months later.
  • You’ve interviewed for a job and feel confident the job is yours, only for the hiring manager to call you and say, “I’m sorry, but we’ve hired someone else.”
  • You’re trying to conceive and your heart is telling you this is your month to get pregnant, you are certain you’ll have a baby 9 months later! And two weeks later, your period shows up, leaving you crushed and back at Square One.

Do you notice a pattern in any of these scenarios? They all involve emotions, wishes, dreams and hopes. In other words – your hearts’ desire was the voice speaking to you, while your intuition – the soft whisper that it is – got buried beneath the loud noises of your heart.

Intuition vs. Wants

Our intuition often gets lost under the deep well of human emotion that dwells in all of us. What we think or feel is our intuition is actually our desires, hopes, dreams and feelings guiding us.

Here’s the thing: our intuition doesn’t always tell us what we want to hear. Of course we want that job/man/lottery win to be ours. And if our intuition is telling us otherwise, of course we don’t want to listen! That niggling ache in your gut telling you that what you want might not be the best thing for you? Yeahhhh…you can ignore it, of course you can. But you’re better off actually “listening”.

“It’s not always easy to hear your inner voice – especially when certain louder, pushier, and seemingly more sensible presence wants to drown it out.” Martha Beck

You can learn your lesson the hard way, or the easy way. Either way, you’re going to learn it. I do my best to listen to the whispers, the niggles, the little voice that tells me it knows what’s up. Because when I ignore it, that’s when I start making mistakes. That’s when I start getting mad at myself for ignoring it.

As you listen to your intuition, the whisper becomes easier to hear. It does get easier to distinguish your intuition from your own thoughts/inner voice. Only with practice are we able to discern what our desires are vs. what our intuition is telling us.

When you first start practicing listening to it, that whisper might be so faint you have to squint to hear it. That’s okay. The more you listen, the louder it’ll get. And eventually, your intuition will be the one drowning out the sounds of the noisy “want” thoughts swirling through your head. 

Living with intuition

I do my best to always listen to my intuition and do what it tells me to do. It never fails and always has better opportunities for me and brings me beautiful things, better then I could think of myself. Of course, I’ve ignored my intuition countless times. And I always regret it.  

You see, sometimes we can’t always see where the road will go, we just know we need to be on it, our inner voice is telling us so. Consult and trust your intuition – it never steers you wrong.

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