Writing New Moon Intentions – with a partner or by yourself

by Lindsay on October 15, 2017

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For a couple years now, I’ve been writing New Moon intentions. The new moon is the first phase of the moon, and it represents the beginning of a cycle. (A full moon represents the closing of a cycle). The new moon is considered to be an ideal time to plant the “seeds” of the things we want to bring into our lives/accomplish. Each new moon is an opportunity to start fresh, create your intentions, and set the tone for the month ahead. Kinda like New Years’ resolutions, but each month.

New moon rituals can range from simple, elaborate, to everything in between. Mine very much err on the side of “simple”. I see my new moon ritual as a time to get my priorities straight both in my mind and to put my dreams/goals/desires “out there” to the Universe.

Okay, so what do I do? And how? 

Set aside time each month on or around the new moon to get clear on what you want to manifest is the first step. I typically take a couple days leading up to the new moon to start honing in on what I want to add to my list. You can write them out on the official day of the new moon or up to 48 hours after. I like to do mine as close to the official new moon time as possible. These hours are the most potent for manifesting and it’s good to get in the habit of working within this 2 day time frame.

Start with a clean slate. With each new moon I like to start anew . If something I am working on hasn’t materialized yet, I can add it to the list again. If it has, there is always space for something new.

Write it out. Once you’ve identified what you want, write it down. I keep a “new moon journal” (it’s just a journal from the dollar store – but yours can be as fancy or as simple as you’d like). The act of really writing it (versus typing or making a mental list) somehow makes it feel more ‘real’ and is a physical reminder for me to keep my intentions in mind.

Keep it short(ish). I keep my new moon intention lists to ten items. Yours can have more or less, though I don’t recommend having more than ten. More than that and lists become scattered and more of a “to do” list for you, rather than a powerful tool to bring in what you want.

Be clear & succinct. It’s better to keep things clear, concise, and simple rather than to over-complicate them.

Learning to clearly ask for what you want is a big part of this practice. It requires you to dig deep into your heart and listen to what it is telling you. Often we find ourselves caught up in what we think we should want, what others want for us, or we feel like our dreams are “impossible” to reach because we get caught up in the day-to-day of work/parenting and feel exhausted considering adding anything more.

Consistency is key with any practice or ritual, and the more energy you put into your intentions list each month, the more you will receive back.

Manifesting – does it work or is it hogwash? 

Years ago, I read the E2 book. Essentially, it lays out simple experiments you can conduct that prove reality is malleable and that you can shape (much of) your life with your mind. It worked for me. Every single experiment provided the results I aimed to get. Every single time. I know you may be reading this thinking incredulously, “Yeah, right.” I highly recommend the book – it can’t hurt. I no longer work with the experiments in the book, but I do take the time to lay out my monthly intentions under the New Moon.

Here’s a sample of a few of my New Moon intentions:

  • Be present with the people I spend time with. (This is my reminder to get off my damn phone).
  • Earn an additional $800 this month doing intuitive readingsEvery time I set a specific number, I reach it. Every. Single. Time. Of course, I do make sure the numbers are realistic. If I say I want to earn an additional $1 million, it’s likely not going to happen.
  • Be as patient, loving & understanding as a mom as I can be.
  • Do 1-2 “random acts of kindness” for people who aren’t expecting it.
  • Do all things with love.

As you can see – my list is a good mix of feeling and doing. At one point in time in early 2016, I set an intention to meet my “Person” that year. And that’s exactly what happened.

Does everything on my list always happen? Well…I’d say a good 90% does. Anything that doesn’t, I know that I either haven’t done the work, or it just isn’t the right timing. In order to make things happen (apart from taking action), the most important step in this whole process is:

Get out of your own way. Believe that you can bring the things (and people!) you want and need into your life. Know in your heart that you deserve it and that you can make your dreams a reality. I like to write my lists and then forget about it. I tuck my new moon intentions book away for the rest of the month with the belief that the things I set out to achieve or bring into my life will happen. And usually, they do!

Intentions for couples 

For two people who live 1400 miles apart, my partner and I do a lot of things together. Setting intentions – both for ourselves as individuals and as a couple – is something we like to do and share with one another. For a short time, we were sending each other daily “intentions” but that wasn’t working for us – those were starting to feel like a daily to-do list, so we’re sticking with our monthly New Moon intentions.

When we are together around the time of the New Moon, we are always sure to carve out some time to map out the months ahead and set intentions/goals as a couple.

I’ve never done monthly intentions with anyone I’ve been in a relationship with, and it feels really good to share this practice with her. The act of writing out our shared hopes and dreams brings us closer and I can’t help but think that when two people work for something together, that collective energy will make the actions and intentions more powerful.

The next new moon 

The new moon occurs every 29 1/2 days making it is easy to create a monthly intention setting ritual. Check the moon phases calendar. This month’s New Moon falls on October 19. 

My favourite astrologer – Chani Nicholas – has an amazing website with a wealth of information about the new moon and other astrological topics. She’s queer, she’s into social justice, and she’s a gifted Astrologer too.

Do you practice a new moon ritual or make daily/weekly/monthly goals for yourself? I’d love to hear about your practice in the comments.

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