Intuitive Readings:Soul Contract, Akashic Record&Spirt Guide

Intuitive Readings

I offer a variety of intuitive readings. Click on the links below to have a look at the descriptions of the different types and feel free to ask questions!

Soul Contract (Soul Purpose)/Akashic Record Readings

You may want a soul contract reading if:

• You feel stuck and want clarity about your life situation
• You want to seek confirmation that you’re on the right track
• You find yourself at a crossroads in life
• You have choices to make and could use some guidance
• You want to understand your life more deeply

Spirit Guide Reading

A spirit guide reading consists of:

• Identifying your primary spirit guide’s gender and name
• Identifying details about your guardian angels & spirit guides
• Getting messages from your spirit guides they would like passed on to you.

 Aura Reading

In your aura reading, I will identify:
• Your aura colors & their meaning
• What chakras need most attention in your life
• Any emotional or physical issues you may need to work on balancing

Relationship Reading

• The reason two souls have attracted each other in this lifetime.
• If you’ve shared previous lifetimes and what karma you’ve brought into this one
• If there is un-resolved past life conflict between you and the other person.
• If certain people have met for a reason (i.e. negative or positive friendships that appear resilient).
• Next steps when you’re just not sure what to do