Akashic Records/Soul Contract Readings

The hall of Akashic Records (in my mind)

A soul contract reading is a way to channel powerful, accurate and in-depth information. Every chart and reading is unique to each individual – no two are the same.

All of this information will be sent to you in a 4-8 page typed report.

You may want a soul contract reading if:

• You feel stuck and want clarity about your life situation
• You want to seek confirmation that you’re on the right track
• You find yourself at a crossroads in life
• You have choices to make and could use some guidance
• You want to understand your life more deeply

What are the Benefits of having a Soul Contract Reading?
It can help to:

• Provide a sense of direction in your life
• Shed some light on your life purpose & goals
• Highlight your talents and strengths and show you how to maximize them
• Help you make informed choices
• Provide insights as to why you are the way you are
• Give you a deep understanding of your life
• Understand your relationships
Empower you

Purchase an Akashic Record reading
• Soul Contract/Akashic Records Reading (by email): $149
Your email reading will be 8-10 pages long.
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