Aura Reading/Chakra Scan

Our aura is a representation of who we are and what our current state of being is. 

By looking at someone’s aura, we can get a sense of what state of mind a person is in and also an indication of the state of their health.

An aura can tell us about the level of a person’s spiritual growth. The aura is our own personal energy field, created with us and changes as we change. It is a representation of ourselves: our physical, mental and spiritual aspects combined.

Your chakras are a vital part of your physical and energetic well being. Keeping them clear and balanced is essential. Your chakras and auric field help you communicate with your Higher Self, your angels, and the world of Spirit.

In your aura reading, I will identify:
• Your aura colors & their meaning
• What chakras need most attention in your life
• Any emotional or physical issues you may need to work on balancing

I will also provide healing (via distance or in person) for any chakras that need balancing.

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