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Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives. Your relationships in life are no coincidence. We can (and do!) have more than just one soul mate, and each person we meet is in our lives for a reason. The relationship between two people on the soul-level is far different to what it appears to be on the surface.

Considering this, having an understanding of our relationships in life from a spiritual level is essential in coming to a deeper understanding of our connection with certain people and what it means, what relation it has to past lives, whether we have known certain souls over several lifetimes, even whether our relationships are working in alignment with our higher spiritual intention OR going against it and causing problems to manifest in our physical lives.

Relationship readings are amongst the most difficult readings I do (they are so layered, as our karma with others often goes back several lifetimes), but also my favorite. The insight gleaned from a relationship reading can help you improve the relationship you have, understand they “whys” of your relationship and/or dynamic with another, and help provide you with guidance as to your next steps.

A relationship reading with me will provide you with: 

• The reason two souls have attracted each other in this lifetime.
• If you’ve shared previous lifetimes and what karma you’ve brought into this one
• If there is un-resolved past life conflict between you and the other person.
• If certain people have met for a reason (i.e. negative or positive friendships that appear resilient).
• Next steps when you’re just not sure what to do>

In addition, I can also work with you to provide some healing from relationship wounds/hurts .We will work together to release painful karma from previous lives and/or this current on.

If you are interested in coaching and healing guidance for your relationship, please contact me to discuss your situation and what work we can do together to help you understand, heal and know what your next steps should be on your path.

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