Spirit Guide Readings

Spirit guide painting by Simone

From the moment you were born, you had spirit guides with you to help you on your journey of life. These spirit guides are always trying to reach out to communicate with you.

Every human being on this earth has a group –or posse- of spirit guides and angels watching over us at any given moment. Some of them stay for a lifetime while others serve a purpose for a short while and then go. There is one guide that will stay with you throughout your lifetime and that is your primary guide.

I will connect with your Primary Guide and tell you if your guide is male or female. Most of the time, I am given the name of your primary guide as well.

A spirit guide reading consists of:

• Identifying your primary spirit guide’s gender and name
• Identifying details about your guardian angels & spirit guides
• Getting messages from your spirit guides they would like passed on to you.

All of this information will be sent to you in a 5 page typed report.

Information I need for your reading:
• Birth date
• Time of birth
• Place of birth

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