Year Ahead Reading

Curious about what your guides are wanting you to know about what the year 2018 has in store for you?

2018 Year Ahead Reading

Year Ahead Reading

A 10-14 page report with monthly forecasts for the year ahead.

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Year Ahead Reading with Monthly Reminder

10-14 page report with monthly forecasts for the year ahead. Includes personal emails at the beginning of each month with reminders of that month’s messages for you.

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Year Ahead Reading Details

Back by popular demand, I’m offering Year Ahead Readings for 2018!

Connecting with your guides and using a combination of Tarot/Oracle cards and the Akashic Records, I will connect with your energy and ask for impressions and insights into what’s coming up in your life over the next year.

Given in a monthly format, I will pull a card for each month and connect with your guides to get information about what you should keep in mind and/or expect for that particular month in 2018.

Each month will also have any recommendations as far as books, meditations and other recommendations your guides have for you.

Your reading will be sent to you with the 12 months of  oracle cards and advice in an emailed report format.

Please feel free to check out what other clients have said about their readings in my testimonials.

You can email me at if you have any questions about my Year Ahead Readings.

Here’s how to get your own Year Ahead Reading:

    • Submit your payment of $150 using the Add to Cart button on this page.
    • Email me your date of birth & photo – these are used to help me connect to your energy from a distance.
    • I will email you to confirm receipt of your reading purchase and let you know when your Year Ahead Reading will be ready.
    • Your reading will follow in a separate email with intuitive insight, advice and guidance on the year ahead.

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Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading my monthly predictions from you and I am constantly wowed by how accurate it is! Thank you for giving me this guidance – it is invaluable and gives me really good guidance about what to expect!

~ Brandy

I got a really awesome Year Ahead reading from Lindsay this morning – it was unbelievably detailed and interesting,and full of great advice and affirmations to use all year. She is definitely not charging anywhere near enough for this, so grab one before she comes to her senses! Thanks, Lindsay! 🙂

~Jennifer/The Aura Reader

Hi Lindsay! I was just going over my “year ahead reading” for this year from last year and WOW!!! It was so on target, it’s a bit spooky! If you decide to do this again for next year I’m in!! Hugs to you and your sweet baby.

~ April


Year Ahead Reading

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Year Ahead Reading with personalized monthly reminder 
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