Here’s what some of my clients have to say about my services.

“I had a relationship reading with Lindsay and I was impressed. Lindsay is very talented and generous. I felt like she connected very well to the situation. I even received confirmation in her reading. And then confirmation months later. It was incredible!”

-Joy, California 

“…Amazingly accurate!  Lindsay’s reading was spot on and she is both compassionate and generous with her gift.”
– Jane, NJ

“Thank you very much for the reading! I have read the text several times now, and it is almost frighteningly accurate–the most accurate reading I’ve ever had, by far. Much of what you wrote resonates very deeply.”
– V, Russia

“Every single thing that you mentioned is true, unbelievable! My boyfriend is so happy with this reading :)”
– J, Canada

“Words can’t describe how pleased I am with Lindsay. Beautiful healing energy. The Reiki was completely out of this word, in a good way! Loved everything she shared with me. Very talented and sincere. Highly recommend this individual. Skilled, friendly, and accurate. Thank you again. I truly appreciate you!”
Mindy, Utah

“Very insightful, accurate and detailed reading. I’ll be back again. Thank you!!”
Heather, California

“Lindsay gives a thorough, kind and warm reading. This is the first time that I’ve been able to understand my chart. Lindsay explains everything and lays it out in a lovely smooth read. It feels personal and uplifting.”
Linda, Oregon

“Thank you for sharing your input – I found this reading to naturally resonate with my current life situation. The personal notes meant a lot to me, thanks again…I will be back.”
April, Ohio

“Incredible reading from a talented intuitive. Thank-you so much for your guidance and light.”
Monica, Canada

“Wow! Wonderful as always!!! A very gifted and lovely intuitive!!!”
Laura, Maryland

“Thanks so much — your reading was gracious, friendly, generous and relevant.”
Anne, England

“It is wonderful to read and you have definately made a connection to who I am… all that you wrote about who I essentially am is true and correct and you were able to shed light on a few of the mysteries.”
Aloha, Australia

If you’ve had a reading or healing session with me, I’d love to hear your feedback. Send me an email with your testimonial!