The best way to develop your intuition

The best way to develop your intuition

Do you use your intuition daily to help you make decisions at work? In love? With friends? I do. Every single day, I’m tapping into my intuition and the well of knowledge we all have access to – Source.

Here are some day-to-day occurrences you can (and might even without realizing it) use your intuition:

  • To determine if the guy you went out on a date with really is a creep and your spidey senses went off for good reason when he leaned in for a kiss
  • When deciding which job to take when you’re offered two
  • To help you decide whether or not you really should send that email to your ex
  • To determine if you should say something to your coworker about their unprofessional behavior, or if biting your tongue would be a better option
  • To help you decide when (and how) to end a friendship that is no longer serving you well
  • When deciding what to have for dinner – or what to say to your significant other to get him/her to make it instead!.Okay, maybe not that one? 

See? We can use our intuition daily and not just for the big things.

Of course, using intuition doesn’t come as naturally as breathing or as inherently as inhaling cake might for some of us. Many of us have to make a concerted effort to listen to that inner voice instead of pushing it away.

True – some of us are born with ‘the gift’ (I happen to think we all are, we just lose touch with it).Some of us make a conscious effort to build it. Others among us live through something traumatic and come out on the other side with a wide open crown chakra and a new, direct connection to Spirit.

I fall somewhere in between two of those categories: I found my intuition while in one of the darkest periods of my life and have been working on developing it intuition intentionally for a little over 3 years now. I only started doing intuitive readings in early October 2010 after taking Slade Roberson’s Automatic Intuition course. The story of how I was drawn to take that class hasn’t yet been written. But you can read my review of the course. In those two years, I’ve learned quite a lot.

During Reiki sessions with clients I began seeing their aura colors mid-session and started getting messages and ‘intuitive hits’ for and about them. Even experiencing all of that, I was pretty clueless.My intuitive skills developed over the course of time rather than having them in full power at birth.  Which, by the way, is still ongoing – my growth and skills change all of the time. We’re never really done learning.

If you’re trying to develop your intuition so you can use it in your daily life,  these points are worth keeping in mind: 

  • Just like our fingerprints, everyone has a unique signature for higher sense perception. There is no higher sense that is “better than” another. Just because someone can see angels/spirit guides and I can hear them doesn’t mean I’m right and she’s wrong. It just means we get information in different ways.
  • You’ve got to “trust what you get” – which is what my friend Lisa from Practically Intuitive always says. And guess what? She’s right! Quite often I’ll get information about someone or something and think, “Am I making this up?!” I’ve learned to share it anyway  – those things that I usually think I’m “making up” are often just what the other person needed to hear.
  • Developing your interpretation skills takes time. Because Spirit so often talks to us in symbols, you need to know yourself well, know how you get the information and how you process it. Be patient with yourself. This sort of thing usually isn’t learned overnight. I’m still learning – and I hope I will be until I draw my last breath.
  • Watch out for the mind/ego trying to insert its viewpoint and tell you that you/your intuition/your guides are wrong, wrong, wrong. The ego loves playing mind games and making us doubt ourselves.
  • You don’t have to be right 100% of the time. Nobody knows everything. Intuitive people are here at “earth school” too. And if we knew everything, we wouldn’t need to be.  Yeah, it sucks when someone tells you that you got something wrong. But, sometimes people come back and say something like, “What you said didn’t make sense at the time but later it suddenly dawned on me…” No one is always right – no matter what your husband/wife/partner/boss would like you to believe about themselves.
  • It’s easier to pick up intuitive information for others than for yourself. Ever hear this joke? Two psychics met on the sidewalk. The first psychic said to the second, “You’re fine, how am I?” I don’t know what my future holds – I’m not supposed to! That would take half the fun out of living, wouldn’t it? It’s so much easier for me to pick up information for someone else – I’m not as emotionally attached to the outcome and therefore know that what I get is what I get, and not just my hoping/wishing making stuff up.

Could you use your intuition to win the lottery? Probably not. If that were the case, I’d already be rich. But maybe!

Interested in learning more? I offer intuitive readings for those looking to connect with their intuition, higher selves and spirit guides! 

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