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How to know it’s your spirit guides and not just a crazy dream: spirit guide messages in dreams

Have you ever had a “stranger” who felt familiar to you visit you in your dreams? Someone who feels like you know them but you can’t quite place how or maybe even feels like a best friend, but you haven’t a clue who they are in your waking life? If you have ever dreamt of this familiar “stranger,” this is most likely a spirit guide coming to you in your dreams.

Synchronicity: Signs from the Universe

The Universe is always willing and waiting to show you what is meant for you. Synchronicities gently guide and direct you to what is in alignment with your own personal growth. Synchronicities are a little nudge for your soul – a hint for you to watch and wait for something. Sometimes, they are the smack in your head you needed – the answer you have been waiting for.  You just need to be open to them. Acknowledge the ‘hits’ when you get them, smile and ask for more.