Some of the feedback I've received over the years from clients...

Intuitive reading & distance reiki testimonials


I had a reading done a few years ago and it was amazing. It was affirmation of all the things I felt and knew inside but was either afraid to admit or unwilling to trust in myself. The reading was empowering! Lindsay is empowering. I honestly find myself thinking of her words often, she is such a caring person and has given me permission to “feel” where I was scared to before. Even though I’ve never met her in person, I consider her a dear friend and truly value the work she does! You will not be disappointed with ANY work that she does for you! 

— Tamara

 You did a reading for me years ago. You said you’d “bet dollars to donuts” I’d have a red bracelet by the end of the year. I was like “red bracelet”? Why would i even want a red bracelet?? Well...later on I met a wonderful friend who is a yoga instructor and his motto is “open hearts no matter what” and he gave out red bracelets with that saying on it. I didn’t put 2&2 together til I reread my reading. Blown away

— Beth

I've received multiple readings from Lindsay, and I'm never disappointed. She's intuitive, caring, and informative. I definitely have,and will continue to recommend her to anyone! 

— rae

I cried the whole time I read the intuitive reading Lindsay sent me. It was confirmation of the things I knew, and I was blown away by how accurate the reading was, and deeply all of the words resonated. You won't regret working with Lindsay! 

— lisa c. 


Virtually everything you predicted in my Year Ahead Reading came true! I printed out the monthly predictions and am constantly surprised (though I shouldn't be!) by how it all seems to come true. 

— alina b. 

Although it was hard to read what was predicted in my reading, it was the absolute TRUTH and wanted I needed to hear. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

— yvonne

I've always been a little skeptical of intuitive readings, but I found myself desperate for answers about a relationship I was in, and reached out to Lindsay. Didn't regret it - I'm a convert and a believer now! 

— sandeep

The distance reiki my mom received from Lindsay was healing - no doubt about it. It helped my mom find peace at the end of her life journey and the energy she sent was very comforting to both me and my mother throughout the dying process. 

— Cristina