Synchronicity: signs from the universe

by Lindsay on September 7, 2010

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We’ve all had experiences of synchronicity – we might be singing a song in our heads and then when we get into the car, that same song is playing on the radio. We might think of someone we haven’t seen in ages and then a few hours later have a phone or email from that person. Maybe you’ve heard different people all say the same thing to you in one day. Or maybe someone recommends a book to you that was loaned to you by another friend the day before. While it would be easy to shrug these incidences off as mere coincidence, these moments are far more powerful than many of us realize. These are synchronicities: meaningful coincidences that you attract into your life to help your soul grow and evolve.

What is synchronicity?

Carl Jung said studied synchronicity extensively. He said, “Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.”

Of synchronicity, Deepak Chopra says, My own life has been touched often by synchronicity, so much so that now I get on an airplane expecting the passenger in the next seat to be surprisingly important to me, either just the voice I need to hear to solve a problem or a missing link in a transaction that needs to come together….

Simply put: synchronicity is an interconnection with the Universe. It is evidence that we are all connected. For example, if you are thinking of having a burrito for lunch and an hour later a co-worker asks you to join her for Mexican for lunch – that is an a good example of synchronicity and the inter-connectedness of us all!

Synchronicities are happening all of the time. You just have to trust in spirit and the Universe. And yourself. As you notice more synchronicities, more will happen. This isn’t because you’re willing them to fruition, but because your spirit guides/the universe/god (whatever you feel comfortable with) are sending more your way as you become more open. Amazing situations happen when your inner awareness changes. Your energetic thoughts and intents and direction of interests and desires will align with all the natural vibrations around you, opening you up for more of these experiences.

How can I open myself up to more synchronicities?

The Universe is always willing and waiting to show you what is meant for you. Synchronicities gently guide and direct you to what is in alignment with your own personal growth. Synchronicities are a little nudge for your soul – a hint for you to watch and wait for something. Sometimes, they are the smack in your head you needed – the answer you have been waiting for.  You just need to be open to them. Acknowledge the ‘hits’ when you get them, smile and ask for more.

In my life, I’ve been contemplating how to go about opening up a Reiki practice. I know in my heart this is what I want, but I have moments of panic and doubt that make me question whether or not I should really do it. The other night I went to bed asking for a ‘sign’ to show whether or not my desire to practice Reiki professionally was the right move. I got an email the very next morning from the Universe. Okay, cheesy, I know.  I know it’s sent by a man (or woman) and not the Universe but I still enjoy reading them. It’s just like reading your horoscope every day and knowing that it is far too general to really be all that accurate, but sometimes it just speaks to you and your situation.

Anyway – the message from the Universe that day contained my answer: The entire world now spins in the palm of your hand, Lindsay. A Reiki praictice is not asking for too much. Synchronicity, indeed.

For a more in-depth look at synchronicity, the 7 Secrets to Synchronicity is a good start.

In addition, Mike Perry’s blog 67 Not Out is a fantastic resource for synchronicity & coincidence stories from the past & present.

What synchronicities have you experienced in your life? Share your stories here!

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Mike Perry September 7, 2010 at 6:04 am

My favourite subject! The more we observe them the more synchronicities / coincidences come into our lives. Many thanks for the mention / link.
Best wishes, Mike.


Lindsay September 7, 2010 at 9:20 pm

It is my pleasure, Mike. Your site has provided me with hours of valuable reading!


Jill the Duchess September 7, 2010 at 11:53 am

What a great post – i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE synchronicity. Thank you for sharing and I’m glad you somehow found my old blog (which is how I now found you!). Cheers! Jill


Lindsay September 7, 2010 at 9:20 pm

So glad I stumbled upon your blog today! :)


Heather Conroy September 7, 2010 at 3:17 pm

Great post- one of my favourite subjects too. I love what Deepak Chopra has to say about it. It reminds me to be more accepting of everything that happens.


Lindsay September 7, 2010 at 9:10 pm

Absolutely. Me too. And looking for the (sometimes hidden) gifts in everything that happens, too.


Jean September 11, 2010 at 2:21 am

When I was a teenager we just called it our sixth sense. A friend and I always knew when to call the other. One of us could sit in one room, think of an object and the other would draw it in another room.

Then I learned I could concentrate on having others who I have been close to call me or come over, and they would.

Right after we were married my husband and I had the exact same dream of saving a black kitten from a river, then one showed up at our door.

I have friends who I have not seen in years, but when we get in touch, so much of our lives have been on paralell lines, it is uncanny.

when I needed comfort, I moved my Grandmothers old Bible and a poem she had written many, many years before fell out, it was just the words I needed to hear.

When my sister was dying and I could not go to see her, I sat alone in tears, thinking of how my mother would be disappointed I had not gone, when a pillow mom had made long before she died that was in an unused corner of the house, was brought to me by my dog.

Oh yes I have experienced many things only explained by a universal connection.


Lindsay September 12, 2010 at 4:11 pm

WOW you’ve got some amazing examples here! Some of them gave me chills. Thanks so much for sharing, Jean.


mietwagen spanien October 12, 2010 at 6:14 pm

It took me a while to search on the web, only your site unfold the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

- Laura


supriya May 30, 2011 at 5:57 am

Just wanted to know that if I ask the universe specific signs to show that I am on the right track and i get those , will this be considered synchronicity?


DJ Cinful June 21, 2011 at 12:03 am

Hi Lindsay,

Love the article! My husband and I are HUGE believers in Synchronicity! In fact, the image you’re using is our Business Card and our LOGO! (That’s cool with us as long as you credit our websites…:) and

Christian and I met through a series of extraordinary synchronicities and we have an amazing love story together and unique life stories, separately. Because of the power of our story, we received a book deal for which we are Authors in the third edition of the series of books, “Thank God I…” which are a collection of inspirational stories. Ours is titled, “Thank God We Surrendered…”. The book was released in conjunction with the movie, “The Gift” just a few weeks ago. We were honored to be on the cover of the book.

We now speak on the power of synchronicity in our lives. We have two speaking websites, and We own an Artist Agency called and we also are International Nightclub Dj’s and dance recording artists.

Our mission is to uplift and inspire people via words, actions, music and artistic expression. Not ironically, but intentionally, our DJ name for our show is “Synchronicity” (

We have been featured on CBS and we have played the top venues at the most exclusive parties nationally and internationally, including the Playboy Mansion for the last 8 years and the top clubs in Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, New York City and many cities abroad. We have personally raised over $700,000 for charities and have dedicated our lives to philanthropy and in service to and with the collective.

Throughout our individual lives, we sought mentors and answers and had many questions. I, Cindy, was a Philosophy/Psych Major in College and did my term paper in the Spring of 1983 about Existentialism vs. Determinism. At the time, I was entirely pro Existentialism. A huge believer in free will and the belief that we create our life, I took a class called, “Power for Abundant Living” in October of 1983 and was so inspired that I dedicated twenty years to a spiritual ministry in service, ten of them as an Ordained Minister. I later left the ministry still in search of more answers and found them in a broader, more universal view, bringing me back to my studies in college, Carl Jung’s synchronicity concepts and especially in regard to believing and manifestation, both in which I believe I have gifts.

Christian was always in search of mentors and answers, too. Raised Roman Catholic (as I was), he went in search of meaning and purpose and found himself in the Tony Robbins Seminars. He went on to become a Senior Leader for Tony. He studied closely with Dr. John DeMartini as well.

Through a series of “coincidences”, wild coincidences, Christian and I met on Bob Proctor’s and Michael Bernard Beckwith’s “Secret” Cruise in October of 2007 (read full story on We noticed and recognized these synchronicities from the very beginning and noted all of their occurrences, even as our relationship continued to develop and even as they occur to this very day, We had many conversations about free will vs destiny and somehow we knew in our hearts and started to believe that it didn’t have to be one or the other, but we began to understand that life was a combination of both.

Through another synchronicity, at London Heathrow Airport, on our way back to the States, we had some extra time before our flight and went into a bookstore. It was amazing, but after an entire trip debating the free will verses destiny topic, we were actually led to a book by Deepak Chopra called SynchroDestiny in that airport bookstore. Christian found it and over the next few weeks we took our time and read it aloud to each other, absorbing it. It seemed that after everything that we had seen in our lives and after all of our debates and discussions, we found the one book that finally put everything together for us, in a pretty little package and at last we could breathe a sigh of relief. We felt like we had found the confirmation of what we had been discovering on our own through our experiences.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that we know the concept and reality of Synchronicity and are joined in purpose with those who are also spreading it’s message.



Trish MacGregor July 12, 2011 at 8:02 pm

Lindsay – thank you for mentioning our book! I guess google alerts for the term isn’t working!

Best wishes,
Trish MacGregor


Lindsay July 13, 2011 at 9:18 am

You’re very welcome! And yeah – I find Google alerts aren’t the most reliable. How’d you end up finding me?


JOHN OF ENGLAND January 9, 2012 at 4:02 pm

Many people try to get more synco,events……i spent ages trying to shake them off……if we cross the divide,syncro events,are the norm,at every moment…..the norm at every moment……unified mind,with the creator of the game of life.


Lindsay January 10, 2012 at 11:41 am

I’m curious: why’d you try to shake them off?


JOHN OF ENGLAND January 9, 2012 at 4:16 pm

Some people are tuned into the frequency of the creative intelligence that is in everything,to such a degree,that it defies the logic of man…..the syncro message is that we are more than just mear people,,,,we are super men and woman,,,,and in knowing this we act and live as such,enhanced beings,,bringing this truth to the world,enabling the people of our world to be greater today,than yesterday.


glittergirl February 16, 2013 at 5:31 pm

I hope someone can tell me whats going on with the signs that i am seeing in regards to a guy. I have this wierd situation going on with him. It’s like the connection/attraction is so strong between us that it’s freaked him out and he now avoids me if he can! He’s what i would refer to as the runner in this soulmate type of what ever it is….

Since i’ve realised he wont converse with me, i’ve tried to put him behind me. But when i try to i always get a sign, reminding me of him. For example i would see or hear his name in a movie/tv programme more than once over a period of days or there is some reference made to soulmates. His name is not a common one either so what are the chances of me seeing/hearing his name all the time like this. I even have dreams about him. Is this the universe telling me that i am meant to have a connection to this guy in some way or is it just coincidence in this case?

The thing is i’m not actually looking for the signs. It’s just when i empty my mind and tell myself to forget him is when i am reminded of him again by seeing these signs? Thanks


Sai March 8, 2013 at 2:30 pm

I hear you glittergirl! I keep getting signs about this person and it was just an one hour encounter on a train but IT WAS INTENSE!!!!

I have just decided to let it go and let the Universe bring it to me when the time is right. I got signs about this person while reading this article as well! chills…


AT March 11, 2013 at 3:34 pm

Don’t read this if you’re tired.
Having just read all these comments, I find this topic very interesting.
While I am a strong believer in ‘a sign’ or ‘a feeling’, if we have never been exposed to any literature or programs than mention the word ‘synchronicity’ we’d probably call it ‘gut feel’.
And, while I don’t believe in waiting until a new year to try create a new set of ‘rules’ or ‘corrections’ or as we call it, ‘New Years Resolutions’ to try change or amend a personal ailment, My only NYR was not to fight my ‘gut feel’.
I believe it’s possible that we can sometimes become confused as we listen to our heads or intelligence from how we’ve been taught or programmed with various incorrect education or other people’s mistakes. For instance, a pervious comment by ‘Glittergirl’ where she believes that by hearing someone’s name in a movie, or reading it somewhere, is a sign that she should be with that person? Do you think that it’s possible this is kind of like when you’re looking at buying a new kind of car or own a particular type you now see or notice that type more often now? In other words, you may just recognise this persons name more often atthe moment because you’re tuned into that name as it’s dear to you now!
I believe however Glittergirl that if you have a strong ‘gut feel’ about this person then don’t be afraid to tell him about in person. If he feels the same way, you will feel this. Us tough guys are sometimes afraid of our feelings and try to hide and run from them. However, don’t stalk him, allow him time to process what you’ve told him.
However, you have to also be fair to yourself and allow him a known amount of time. As it wouldn’t be fair for you to wait until you’re in a retirement home!
I beleive Gut feel is the bodies natural antenna.
I have been helping people out both physically and financially a lot more in recent years and sometimes I feel used, especially if they just keep taking.
There has to be a point where the theory of helping those in need simply can’t apply anymore..
I have cut what I thought was a friendship where I felt this gut feel quite strongly. Time to move on and not be a contributor to someone else’s selfishness.
Thank you if you made it this far…


Alisha March 17, 2013 at 10:32 pm

Today a song came into my head ,I got into a family members car about an hour later and the song was playing! It’s an old song medium known so it doesn’t play often usually. Things like this has happened before I’m just paying attention to them more now since I asked for signs and now I am getting them!


Nina April 27, 2013 at 6:23 pm

The signs from the universe are AWESOME!

There is a specific house and a certain amount of money that I want which I have been meditating on and real-time visualizing about for several months. When I first started, I didn’t know about the Vortex, Inner beings, The Grid, etc., so I was attracted to them and now I stay in the vortex FAR more than I am out of it. And I know when I am in because I get this happy, jittery feeling, “invincible feeling” and then I MILK IT!

Anyway, since I’ve discovered in the Vortex, I have been receiving all kinds of signs such as:

The price of the house has decreased $20,000,

I see U-Haul trucks EVERYWHERE – whether I’m outside or in the house and I just “happen” to look out the window at that exact moment one is going by my house,

I have seen the EXACT amount of money I want mentioned more than once with the same week (once, someone won it in the lottery recently and once, I was reading some fiction and one of the characters mentioned the amount),

I’ve had a STRONG impulse to start packing – which I did,

A few weeks ago, this was my horoscope:
“You’ve achieved something great — though you may not even realize it quite yet! The wave of great energy surrounding you should help provide a clue, and the good news should roll in soon.”

I trust in these signs and even though I have been seeing them on a constant basis for a good long while (they make me so happy), I still know I can’t rush things and that events will continue to take shape and unfold on my behalf as I stay positive and knowing while enjoying my journey – but best of all, I KNOW will receive my desire(s) just when I need them – which is right on time (in universe speak).

And just today:

About 2 hours ago, I had been meditating and in the Vortex, enjoying myself, for about 10-15 minutes or so. When I can out, I sat for a few minutes longer and then lightheartedly asked the universe to send me a sign letting me know it was still there for me, then I gave thanks and went into the kitchen to start dinner. As I lifted my head out of the refrigerator and looked out the window, I saw a U-Haul truck pulling out of the store’s parking lot behind my house – the was size I plan to use when I move.


Nati April 28, 2013 at 2:43 pm

Interesting topic. Like glittergirl, I have been experiencing different forms of synchronicity with a particular gentleman in my life and I just can’t explain it.

We have similar backgrounds, friends in common, see each other around, but we’ve never actually met & my attraction to him is unexplained. I’ve always felt that it would be an instant and lasting connection if we ever actually communicated but I don’t think my conscious self is really interested in that.

If I run into him, he stays on my mind for weeks, even though I don’t want him to, I ran into him the other day, just as I was getting good at forgetting about him, and when I turn on my iPod, the song was set at a particular point of the song “Because the two of us were meant to love each other…” So weird (and disturbing)!

And so, on top of not wanting to think about this person, I feel as though I’m getting signs that we should be. I’m see things that remind me of him and it’s almost as if I have no control. It’s like a cruel joke from the universe. I don’t get the significance of this person and what I’m supposed to do with this information, because I don’t really see our lives coming together at any point.

Perhaps it’s a subconscious recognition of an old soul?


Linda July 14, 2013 at 10:36 am

Wow! I can completely relate to what Sai, Nati, and glitter girl are experiencing and am glad I am not alone. I have this intense incredible connection with my trainer. I see him infrequently now but over the last 4 years (yes! 4 long years!) we have had this connection, as if our souls recognize each other. My heart races, I get butterflies at the thought of him, we have gone to a few sporting events together and had a wonderful time, yet he holds back so we never physically connect and only remain friends. Which I would be fine with without the intense connection I feel for weeks after I see him! It has made me crazy at times because no matter how I have tried to forget him, not see him and move on, his name gets brought up to me, or someone asks me if I know him. My psychic says the energy he exudes about me is what I’m picking up on. It’s madness and tortuous!

The way I met him was purely Angelic intervention. I was looking to find a new sports interest after a breakup and had wanted to book a session with a cute trainer I saw at the facility. But when I called to book it, I was told he didn’t exist. And they referred me to my connected guy despite my pleading to find the other trainer. I even went to the session irritated because I thought the new guy would not be good. Then I saw him, our eyes met and the rest is history.

I have a trusted psychic who has helped to guide me towards meditation of blocking the connection temporarily so I get a break and it did work a few weeks back, but now the connection has come back, thoughts of him, signs of him, and very vivid dreams of him. And I haven’t seen or spoken to him in over a month, so I’m back to where I was. Crazy how connections are so powerful!

My only advice is to keep meditating for guidance on how to deal with it. But I honestly would love to know what’s going on.


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